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I just want people to like me! I posted, You Read My Facebook Page Every Day, But You Still Haven't Liked Me?, and was wondering what it would be like if Facebook could talk. If Facebook Pages could actually help the viewer, maybe I would be "liked" more. Wouldn't that be fun, a page that could w...
  I was chatting with a friend on Facebook the other day and she said that she reads my Facebook Page regularly. She notices when I haven't posted in a while, and lets me know. So I was scrolling through my "Likes", people that follow you on your Facebook Pages, and she wasn't there. I mentioned...
  I am a big fan of Mike Mueller, and what he posts about. This particular post has gotten my attention because it discusses getting started, and a "failure to launch". I found it very motivating and inspirational tonight. Post to the origin. Thanks for the original post Mike!   Via Mike Mueller ...
 I recently posted about QR Code here on ActiveRain, Whipping Up A QR Code Off The Wall Video!, even made a short video.  I got some good feedback and learned some things that I did not know. One of the statements that I made was, "That's not to say that it won't catch on, I just haven't noticed ...
I like what Mike has to say in his post. The idea of getting rewarded for just participating has made us soft. He uses some great analogies here that I can associate with. Mike Cooper is someone I'd like to have on my team. Thanks for the post Mike! I am so glad my sons were older when the "here'...
    I know it is not legal to text while driving, and I'm not fast enough to sneak a message in at a stop sign. I heard that there are phone apps available that will convert a verbal dictation into a text to send. That sounded interesting, so I found one that was FREE and easy to use. The applica...
I have found a lot of great stuff here from Rebekah Radice.   I liked the phrase "Success leaves clues". Please leave comments at the original post Are You Wishing, Dreaming or Taking Action In Your Business?   Jim Rohn said, "Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural cons...
After my last post, Shooting The Wildlife In Placerville, Ca, it occured to me that maybe I could post the video clip too. The original picture was taken with my video camera. I grabbed a still picture from that video. With a High Definition Video Camera you can get some high quality photos. This...
      I was driving to work this morning and as I was passing the lake in Greenstone Country, I noticed a beautiful creature in the water. The water was mostly still but for a gentle ripple. I had to get a picture of this beauty. It seemed so quiet down at the water's edge, just waiting for this ...
    Okay, I have been wondering about this QR Code stuff that I've been reading about here on ActiveRain. I learned about "the idea" of the code. I just learned today that QR stands for Quick Response and it has been around since 1994. Wow its been around for a while and I haven't really seen it ...

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