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I spent some time sitting quietly near a small lake the other day. The lake is located in Greenstone Country in Placerville, Ca. The community is very quiet and have much to offer the residents of the community. If you are interested in taking a look around, contact your agent. If you need an age...
I don't know who this Lisa Dokie is but apparently she "became interested in me" on my wedding anniversary yesterday. I am happily married to the most wonderful woman and I wouldn't change that for anything. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Lisa Dokie is a fine "catch" herself. I'm just not intereste...
Had a chance to catch these early blooms on the back deck earlier today. Sometimes the simplest flowers can be very beautiful when we take the time to view them. Today was a special day for me. A day of celebration, remembrance, appreciation for what life has given me. Hope you had the same.  
  Some days just start out with a great view. It's those days that I feel that things will fall into place, just as they are supposed to be. Today was one of those days. Hope that your day was as it was meant to be. Enjoy this day!   
   I was reflecting on the last six months since first coming to ActiveRain. I was curious as to what I actually did that first day. As you can see, I logged in, that's all the records show. But something must have happened that day, because I did come back. That was almost six months to the day,...
We get a few animals in our neighborhood, some friendly, some not so friendly. There are a few squirrel that like to hang out around the birdfeeders. The squirrels have found that there is always seeds under the feeder. Some of the squirrels will get to the feeders directly. One thing is certain ...
Sometimes you just get use to things being in a certain place. We click, type, maybe copy and paste, just going about our business in the usual fashion. Then something looks different. Was that always there? Did I miss that all this time? For me it is the Contest Tab, located at the top of the pa...
 I've been stuggling to find what I am talented at today. Ever really think about that? What makes you so special? You may be asking, Why is Tom thinking about this? Well it's all because of a competition that I'm thinking of entering. You can too! Check out the post by Stacey Smith's Post a few...
I have been doing business with a local lumber yard, Diamond Pacific, the last few months. They have been delivering lumber and supplies on a regular basis to the same apartment community, keeping the job flowing while not piling up too much to risk theft at night. After spending a Gazillion dol...
 I'm really excited about the start of the Talent Competition, since it's the First Annual there hasn't been a precedent set to help in the production of a video displaying talents. I've been thinking about my talents - What sets me apart from others? What can I do that is unique? Is there somet...

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