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  There has been a few changes to Craigslist that have made it easier to renew and repost ads. I have covered a few of these in a previous post, It Just Got A Whole Lot Easier To Repost On Craigslist. , but there is more. If you have posted an ad in the past that has expired, it can still be repo...
  Since the announcement of the 1ST ANNUAL ACTIVERAIN TALENT COMPETITION!!!, many are wondering about what talent they have to share with the group. While we all have our own talents and abilities, which of these can we get recorded on video? I find myself wondering which of the things that I do ...
  I had a recent conversation with a Sheriff's office friend of mine. We were discussing traffic violations in the county, and the type of violations that recur. He had mentioned one intersection in particular and probably the most common traffic ticket in Cameron Park. I've committed the violati...
I've wanted to visit Alaska for quite a while now. I have heard so many wonderful things about the grand views, large fish, and large open spaces. The summer months, I've heard, are the best times to visit the state. I've never been on a cruise ship anywhere. That's something that we have put off...
The cell phone, that device that was going to make me more efficient, streamline communications, and give me a lot more free time. That was the illuson that I had way back when I purchased my first cell phone. The phone with the 25 pound battery, cost 50 cents a minute and a handful of functions....
I was curious about the kinds of phone numbers that were appearing on my phone. Strange numbers that didn't make sense. Like "102" or "111-111-1111". The first few times I answered because I was wondering about the numbers on my phone. The calls were always from sales people, usually computer gen...
  Since first learning about QR Codes here on ActiveRain, I have noticed the codes in more and more places. There has been numerous posts here on QR Codes: how-to, marketing with, inclusion in the blog, contests and more. But have we seen then being used in the "real world"? Where have I seen the...
My computer is doing some odd things the last week, I need your help if you know what this may be. It doesn't happen all the time, but at some point while on for a while the screen will flash off and on. The screen will become messed up: things missing, blank windows, and such. Usually I can get ...
Okay I admit, this was all nonsense to me not too long ago. But with an open mind, I started taking some beginner's yoga classes and these are now quite familiar to me now. I am already noticing the benefits of yoga, and would at least suggest that you give it a try yourself. Trust me I still fee...
    We recently had our oldest son graduate from college, he is home for a few weeks before moving to the San Francisco area to start his new job. This weekend our second son is going away to college in Marin, California. The college shuffle is such a great time. New excitement, new challenges, n...

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