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Photo Friday – Merry Christmas from Home Depot   I posted recently about a retail outlet that sells Halloween items. The stores are called Spirit Halloween, the post is: So You Are Already Worried About Your Halloween Costume - Try Spirit Halloween!  When I was considering posting it I wondered i...
  You wanna hire me as your contractor, let me do my job.   I’m going to see a doctor for a procedure. Before we get started, I will let him know that I’ve seen this done on television, so I know how it’s done. I will remind him that the knives should be sterile, it may lead to infection. I hope ...
The deer are out in large numbers right now. Traveling in packs herds, quietly passing through, eating my plants but generally harmless; the herd marches on. I saw a herd of them yesterday in Greenstone Country and had to stop to shoot them. This time of year, the numbers are greater; more of the...
  So You Are Already Worried About Your Halloween Costume - Try Spirit Halloween! Trying to come up with that perfect Halloween costume seems like an annual event. It has to be fun, don't want to be outdated; it has to be appropriate.... Where do you go for ideas? I may have an answer for you. A ...
  If you enjoy looking to the skies, this is an opportunity to see the stars, moon, and planets. You will be able to experience seeing the heavens in a way that many never get to see it, through a high powered telescope. Here is how the Observatory explains the service that they provide:    *The ...
  Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Local General Contractor For Your Repairs And Improvements.     There you are thinking about the things that need to be done around your property. The reasons can be various: the preparation for sale in a few months and you want to get the maximum price, the damages h...
  He just sat there with a steady stare. It was almost eerie, no blinking, no moment, nothing. I had plenty of time to go get a camera that could zoom in, he was a about a hundred yards away. I snapped off several photos before it was too late. What do you mean “Too late”? He swooped down and gra...
  Repair Siding And Paint Before The Rainy Season In Sacramento, Ca   As the Sacramento summer weather comes to an end, there is a push for contractors to complete the siding repairs so that the exterior painting can begin. Of course, the painters would like to get their work done before the rain...
Sometimes you just see something up close that is awesome. I shot this Beaty here in Placervile a little while ago. I thought it was fake! I was wrong, it was real. I really love the extra set of eyes. I'm not sure if it is a butterfly or a moth.  
  It’s not like I was out there on a hunting trip, I was standing in my front yard in Placerville. Looking across the street was a beautiful deer just grazing on the hillside. The deer are out and about this time of year; it’s this time of year that the big bucks are on the move in the neighborho...

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