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Your roof and gutter are meant to handle rain and stormy weather. It is when this flow of water is obstructed that problems can occur. Regular cleaning of your roof, valleys, gutters and downspouts will allow water to flow freely down to the ground. While you are up there, check the roof for miss...
This may be a good time to check the area above your roof for tree limbs hanging over the home. Rain and snow in our area created a lot of property damage from fallen branches. Regular clearing of tree limbs above the home can eliminate a lot of problems once the stormy season begins.  
My name is Tom Arstingstall, I’m a licensed General Contractor.   When you think of a general contractor you probably think of custom homes and additions; we don’t do that. We remove damaged materials and rebuild it better than new.   We specialize in Dry Rot and Water Damage repairs and preventi...
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