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I Had to Shoot This Turkey Before Thanksgiving.   The turkeys in the neighborhood seem pretty care free and at ease as Halloween approaches. Next month may be a different story though; Thanksgiving is rapidly sneaking up on us. The turkeys get a little nervous in November, so I thought I’d shoot ...
  I have a couple of cats that have been actively catching lizards around my home. I the past the lizards have been full grown. This past week we have noticed the cats have caught smaller lizards, much smaller. This is a close up of a lizard less then 2 inches long. This one got away, so I shot i...
  I would love to fix your problem that you are having but shouldn’t you be contacting the contractor that did the work? He was having some work done in his kitchen. He didn’t like the way it turned out, and would like me to fix it for him. I’m flattered but why isn’t he calling the contractor wh...
  Free Coffee, Instantly from Starbuck! I got a few Starbucks Gift Cards for an apartment managers’ marketing meeting that I’m hosting next week. As a bonus, the cards include one of their Via packets. I’m not a big fan of instant coffee but these are pretty good. We have a stash at home for the ...
  No this isn’t a closet – Photo Time   I think that there was an occasion that I hung something up in the bathroom. I’ve seen a couple of hangers in bathrooms before and never really question it. But today I saw an unbelievable number of hangers hanging from a shower rod. I can’t imagine this ma...
  Home Depot Innovation – It’s in the Card I have to hit the road very early tomorrow morning so I went to Home Depot to pick up some supplies tonight in Placerville. There was a rush and the lines backed up quickly. A clerk began going through the line of waiting customers and scanning the order...
I visit plenty of apartment communities that seem to be the same ol' thing. Occasionally, I get to see something that spruces up the view. Flowers, outside artwork, designer stones, are some common improvements to the entry door area. The creativity during the holidays really brings out the resid...
  Market Report - Home Improvement Spending in Sacramento   Tracking home improvement spending is not an easy task. There is not much available at the local level. We can look at trends at the national level and make some assumptions about our local regions. This can be done for the Sacramento ar...
  The Scott Loper Team has put together a great post about fixing your home now. Deferring the maintenance and repairs until later, may end up costing you more money later. This cost later is both the cost of repair and the possible reduction in sales price. Ouch!  A New Trend in Homebuying... Is...
  David has put together some very good questions that we should consider asking of our home inspectors. We are putting a lot of faith in their findings, maybe we should know who they are.  New Questions For Today's Home Inspector Peace of mind is the top reasons that home buyers hire a professio...

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