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Wow, what a night with the Kardashians!   The New Year Eve Party is in full force, I’m not thinking about business today. I hope that all those on ActiveRain have an extremely Happy New Year. Continued success to all that put in the efforts in December, this Challenge has been awesome.   Let’s Pa...
  I felt kind of awkward at the auction with the Kardashians, but they were very kind. They let me stand in the front row. I didn’t know if they would be providing dinner, so I brought my own pizza.   They invited me to their New Years Eve Party tonight.   I wonder what I should wear.    
   Defying Physics on the Freeway – Photo Fun I got a photo of this guy tying the ladder back to the top of his truck. Sometimes we just need to think about what we are doing. Wishing and hoping that something will work out will not change the laws of nature. I was just glad to be driving past hi...
We don't know why the phone keeps ringing, maybe it is a result of our actions.   We have been very fortunate with the weather here in the Sacramento area, with temperatures in the low 60’s and clear skis, it’s hard to believe that it is late December. It has allowed me and the guys to continue w...
Where Do I Go to Get Rid of My Christmas trees in El Dorado County?   Christmas is over and you are looking for a place to dispose or recycle your Christmas tree, where can you go? El Dorado County has several drop out and collection locations for you. Do not burn your tree in your woodstove or f...
Sacramento County residents purchase thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Christmas trees during the holiday season. We need to find a way to safely recycle or dispose of the trees here in Sacramento County. If you are a resident of the county there are many places to recycle or drop off the t...
Christmas trees keep on giving with recycling! Preparing Your Holiday Tree for Recycling Cut trees longer than 6 feet into 3-foot or shorter pieces. Remove trees from stands or plastic bags. Remove ornaments, lights, nails, tinsel and metal rod supports from trees. Artificial trees will not be ac...
I promised that I wouldn’t post these photos here. I think that by blocking out the identity; you will not know that these are my three sons. What started out as a fun gag gift, turned into an “I like it, let’s try them on” gift. The full body pajamas are soft, warm, and come in an assortment of ...
Birgit Anich, a stager from Connecticut, has some ideas that may “rattle the cage” a bit.   In her post, she offers a series of before and after pictures that are stunning! She brings up some points that may make some sense to buyers in this market.   It may not be for everyone, but the photos al...
Jay has gone to great lengths to get this inspection. He describes the purpose of the truss, it's kind of important, you may want to check this out. There is so much for us to learn from Jay, and he explains things in a way that we can all understand. Check it out and comment to the original post...

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