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   What? Oak Trees Produce Acid?     Do you have oak trees near your house? Have you noticed that the gutters have corroded rather quickly? Your oak trees are filled with oak galls containing tannin. Tannin is a very corrosive liquid when mixed with water, forming tannic acid that will eat throug...
   I saw your sign on the side of the road - Really?     I got a call from someone looking for a general contractor today; she said she saw my sign on the side of the road. The sign was in Sacramento; she couldn’t remember the street but in was in the Arden area. Funny, I don’t have any signs in ...
  Having a problem staying focused?  Whether it is achieving our goals, completing a task, or doing chores around the house; a conscious effort is necessary. Here are some quick tips. Have a Goal. Avoid distractions. Take small steps toward the goal. Reward yourself. Move on to the next logical t...
How do I know if your roof is causing a dry rot problem?   I would like to say that you need to have an expert come and check out the roof. You may be able to do a good evaluation yourself. There are a number of people that would be willing to take a look at your situation. Some will do it for fr...
Do you have faith, or have you lost hope? Would there be hope that things will be better in time if you did? Do you believe that things will be okay? What would you be doing differently today? Do you trust that situations will be better?  What would you do if you had Faith?    
  So what does it take to survive as a general contractor today?   Providing a quality service. Nothing can match this, quality will always win customers. No matter what else you do as a contractor; if the product is not good, you will not survive the competition. Problem solving mentality. If we...
Water Damage Repair in Placerville - Before and After Early in the Water Damage Repair project, things can look a bit overwhelming. There will be damaged materials, discolored surfaces, and maybe even some dry rot involved; all of this can be corrected by a professional.   After correcting the s...
Someone Got Hacked on Facebook – Photo Tagging Fun   I got tagged in a photo on Facebook, and I know that I wasn’t alone. Photos were posted to my page that I can delete. Since I was tagged and not included in the photo, I thought that I’d add myself to one of them.  J     Sure, you know me as a ...
The Magic of Nyjer Seed - Shooting the Finch   I enjoy feeding the wild birds around the back of the house. Living in the foothills allows for a variety of birds, and there is a bonus. The seeds lost are snatched up by the dove, turkey, squirrels and the rest if the scavengers. Despite the numbe...
Things have gotten a little Cuckoo the last few days. I’m not real sure about the market lately, but the calls have been strong the last few days. Maybe it’s the crazy weather; it’s been on the warm side. Can you explain the madness?   If you are in need of dry rot repair, water damage restorati...

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