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  It was a perfect ending to the perfect vacation. The weather in Maui changes throughout the day; it is not unusual to have rain and sunshine on the same day. In fact, a daily sprinkling is probably the norm. I heard that Maui gets about 365 inches of rain a year – an inch a day on average. As w...
An unprofessional "quick fix" isn't the answer in the long run. Jay points out a gutter repair to show, what this may look like and the problems that may have been overlooked in the the repair. Check out his post, and leave him a comment. Thanks Jay.As regards screwing up the gutter - repair or r...
    I was walking alone the beach, enjoying some time away from dry rot repair. This man who looked a lot like George Clooney said he needed me to take a look at some dry rot damage at his place in Maui. I told him that I would be glad to look at what needed to be done but I’m on vacation. Maybe ...
  We took the Road to Hana today; I’ve got way to many photos to share. This photo was taken from above Black Sand Beach, there really is black sand! The sand comes from years of pounding water on the lava shores on the west coast of Maui. The water falls, plants, views and a drive to “another wo...
  I have been spending some quiet time on the beach, not too many worries today. My phone even seems to be relaxed here, hope the tide is on schedule. Maybe the white iPhone would have been a better choice for lying out in the sun. Hope your day is enjoyable.
 The sunset tonight was obstructed by the clouds, making for a unique end to the day. It’s funny how you notice the sunsets with greater appreciation when away from the day-to-day tasks at home. Maybe I should take the time to notice the many small events that happen throughout the day. Tomorrow ...
    It’s true that many cats are afraid of water. I have a cat that seems to be willing to give it a try. How bad could it be? There is plenty of good tasting fish in the water, fresh fish sounds like something a cat would enjoy. Cheers to Mr. Kitty and his desire to take a look under the sea.
Off the Beaten Path in Maui   Maui has so much more than just a beautiful coast line. I have posted several photos and have seen so much that is beyond words. The beaches and shorelines seem endless and must be visited to  appreciate. There are no private beaches on Maui. That’s right; all beach...
Doing a Little Dancing in the Pacific So I try to get away and relax, but I get pressured into doing some things that I would not normally do. What the heck, it’s a vacation. I was grateful for the opportunity to help out my new found local friends. Maybe I can get back to snorkeling tomorrow.  
David Selman addresses the issue of high soil levels. This is not good around the perimeter of the property. Lower the soil and slope away from the building. Check out what David has to say, you may need this information inthe future.Home Inspection Maintenance Tips - High Soil Levels One of the ...

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