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Wood Fungus can be a beautiful thing. That’s right, fungus growth as a thing of beauty. Sure it may not be a good thing when the fungus is coming from rotted wood; your property may be experiencing some serious damage. You are not interested in seeing what this growth looks like up close. You wi...
  Fog rising in Foothill Valleys in El Dorado County There has been a lot of moisture in the foothills these last few weeks. The moisture gets a chance to escape a little when the morning temps are warmer. This morning, there was a hazy layer of moisture over Cold Springs Country Club. The skies...
  Can you help me with a soft spot that I have?   I got a call from an apartment manager; one of the units had a soft wet spot in the bathroom ceiling near the exhaust fan. I verified that there was moisture in the drywall and that it was discolored. Since it was an upstairs unit I was able to ge...
  Water Leaves Clues of a Problem   In addition to the regular General Contractor calls that I get, this time of year the rains can cause new problems for homeowners. Nobody realizes there is a leak until there is a leak. This makes sense, but are there clues that there may be a problem before it...
  I looked at water intrusion at properties in four different counties today – Sacramento County, Placer County, Yolo County and El Dorado County. It wasn’t planned that way, it just all happened at one. It could be that the rains caused leaking in the buildings all at once. While driving from We...
  Spring Time Things to Do on April Fool’s Day Weekend   April Fool's Sacramento History Sunday, Apr 1 2:00p to 4:00p At Central Sacramento Public Library, Sacramento, CA   Picture with Easter Bunny Apr 1, 2012 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm Elk Grove Treasures 9048 Elk Grove Boulevard Elk Grove, CA   City o...
     While I’m out there ridding the world of its water damage and dry rot issues, I often wonder what goes on with the cat during the day. I see him sleeping most of the time, maybe he is just a lazy cat with no ambition. His life of leisure may be the result of being pampered his whole life.   ...
When the weather starts to warm up, all sorts of things start to grow.   Here in Sacramento, we have had a low rainfall total this year. The rains that we did get will be enough to get things growing when the weather starts to warm up. This is a good time to check the exterior of the property fo...
The Department of Fish and Game (DFG) has made it easier for you to catch fish on a lazy spring day. The Department has added approximately 16,000 catchable rainbow trout to numerous ponds throughout the Sacramento Region. The DFG is 14 trout hatcheries statewide to consistently provide trout to...
  In order to produce a quality product, a contractor has to be able to use quality materials. Of course the improvement may dictate the final choices in the materials used, but care needs to be taken in selecting the goods. Straight boards is something we can all relate to; imagine using wood th...

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