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  I had a concrete contractor tell me a few years ago that there were two kinds of concrete – concrete that is cracked and concrete that will crack. That’s always good for a chuckle. If you have a cracked slab, you may not think it is so funny though. There are reasons why concrete fails; maybe w...
  I had a long day working in the yard today. It involved a lot of burning of tree trimmings and dead wood. It was hot, hard work but needed to be done. The window of opportunity to have a burn pile in El Dorado County will be ending soon, this had to be done. We hope to get one more good burn in...
  We are usually not ready when a water leak happens. It can be a water supply leak, drainage, flooding or a roof leak but it never seems to happen at a convenient time. Experts will all agree that it is most important to get the problem corrected as quickly as possible.   The most important thi...
  There is a proper way to install windows, and this is not it. I was asked to check a leak that was occurring over a window, when it rained water dripped from the window casing to the window sill. The leak was causing damage to the drywall, trim and wood casing and needed attention. So I had to ...
  Flat roofs need to be inspected. If you have a building with a flat roof, someone needs to be checking for puddles. A flat roof can be a maintenance nightmare at times. Unlike a normal roof that is pitched, the design is difficult for water to run out and into the downspouts. Add leaves, twigs,...
  Is your wood deck beginning to rot? If you have a wood deck, there are some common areas where you can detect early signs of wood rot. One of those places is the end of the deck board. Usually this can be as simple as looking at the boards. Here is an example.   If you need help in determining ...
    I had an opportunity to look at an apartment renovation project at an apartment community in Downtown Sacramento. The new owners, and property management, have some pretty good ideas for the renovation of a special apartment community.     While looking around the property I notice a structur...
   Google has been doing create Home Pages every day for some time now. But today is a little more interactive. The zipper caught my attention, it was full length and I was curious. Besides, unzipping is fun. So go the Google a check it out if you get a chance.  
In El Dorado County, the stinging insects are flourishing. Bees, hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets are all on the move right now. Even if you are not allergic, the sting is painful!  Since there are so many flying around right now, a few are bound to somehow get in. Be prepared! Have your sprays...
     There is so much to see once the spring weather hits; new blossoms, new growth, insects and mammals.  It all starts to appear again once it get warmer. Got an opportunity to shoot this butterfly, it was a beauty in El Dorado County. Hope you have similar sightings where you are.

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