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   Can you give me a “ballpark” estimate of the cost to repair?    Yes, I can give you a “ballpark” dry rot estimate, but it will likely be flawed. It has been my experience that this only works out after we have worked together for a while. It takes a while to get to know what you mean by “a lit...
  Do you give free estimates?   Absolutely! In my 25 years as a General Contractor, I have never charged for an estimate. I have heard that some contractors charge a fee for their efforts, sounds kind of silly to me. If someone is thinking about doing some work around the house, or taking care of...
  When would you be able to start?   As a general contractor, we get an opportunity to work for all sorts of clients. The work that we do comes in all shapes and sizes, and levels of urgency. I have been doing property repair and improvement for over 25 years; I have become quite the juggler of c...
  How much garbage are you responsible for?     I saw these garbage cans put out for pick-up today, and it made me think. This sure looks like a lot of trash in those cans. A lot of it looks like it could have gone into the recycling bin, and perhaps even smashed down a bit. So, how about you? Ho...
     So you want to add value to your home, great idea!   In my 25 years as a home improvement contractor, I have heard several reasons for improving a home. All of these made a lot of sense to the client, and they were willing to do the work. Adding more space, Preparing for sale, or updating th...
Things just don’t measure up for this contractor!   As I was zipping through one of the big box home improvement stores, I can across something that caught my eye. I noticed that the tile spacers in the same box were different sizes. I’m not saying the package was put in the wrong box. The space...
  Do I need to get a building permit to do this?   It is important that your home improvement project be done properly, with building permits. Building permits allow the inspection of the work being done by the contractor, and provide a level of comfort to the property owner, that things are bein...
    Looking out the window this afternoon, we saw an incredible rainbow. Since I couldn’t get the whole thing in the iPhone screen, I used a panoramic merge. The panoramic photograph is a first attempt, but the rainbow was a beautiful sight. We don’t get too many rainbows in late May in El Dorado...
  Yes, we are insured and can prove it. Certificates of Insurance are available upon request.   Whenever you are considering entering into a contract for work on your property, verifying that the contractor has insurance is very important. Verify that the contractor is covered by two kinds of ins...
Are you a licensed General Contractor?     Yes, I am a licensed general contractor in the State of California. I have been licensed since 1992, without a complaint or grievance filed against me. I take pride in being a licensed contractor and work hard to maintain a clean status. Before getting m...

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