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  Iron Railings Need Repair and Replacement Too!   It is important that we check the railings around the exterior of our homes, apartment, and commercial building. The result of a failed railing can be a serious matter, so checking regularly is a maintenance item that should not be overlooked. Ta...
Dry Rot and Water Damage is Everywhere   When you think of problems with wood rot and moisture damage, you probably think of your own home. It’s a natural reaction because it affects you personally. The problem is much bigger than just your home. I had an opportunity to talk to some new friends d...
  Dry Rot and Water Damage Repair can get Competitive in Sacramento   It has been a while since I have competed at the national level. The hard work, stretching, dieting, and competing at a higher level, no longer is a part of my day. Today, I have to settle for watching the Olympics on televisio...
  Reasons to Keep Plants Away From Your Home   You have decided to improve your landscaping around your home; this will likely improve your curb appeal, add value to your home and make the property more aesthetically pleasing. Congratulations on your efforts. Just make sure you think it through. ...
  Having Problems With Your Vinyl Siding in Sacramento?   Vinyl siding can be a maintenance free product in most cases; however, problems can still occur at times. The vinyl can get brittle and crack, discolor in the direct sunlight, and even warp. The photo is an example of what warped vinyl sid...
Wood destroying organisms? If you have no idea what this term means, you have got to look at Charles Buell’s recent post. He discusses the the worse of them, with an excellent photo description that everyone in the business needs to be familiar with. Leave a comment on the original post.  If we a...
  Oh Crap! I think my toilet flange is cracked!   As a general contractor in the Sacramento area, I have seen my share of toilet related problems in apartments and homes. A toilet is an important fixture in the home, getting it to function correctly is a high priority for many. This past week, I ...
  Got a Poison Ivy Problem? This site will help identify it for you.   If you are not familiar with the Poison Ivy Plant, you probably have never come into contact with it yet. Once you get it, you become very aware of where it is on your property. If you have the plant, you will want to know wha...
  Schedule time for those that need it!      Have you ever had so much to do that you have forgotten something right in front of you? We can get so caught up in all the “must-get-done”, that we overlook many of the things that are most important. Time to relax, time with the family and friends, a...
  Things can get a little messy!   This little guy was having a fun snack just before lunch today.   We were busy taking care of a plumbing problem in a home in El Dorado Hills. The working couple was away at work, the son and grandmother stayed at home. The grandmother does not speak English. Th...

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