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  I got the hitch but forgot to shoot the truck!   I don’t consider myself a clumsy man, but I have had a recurring accident on the work site. The same injury accident happens to those around me, and it is painful. The injury centers around the trailer hitch in the back of my truck and no one is ...
  Sacramento River Cats Win Division, Going to the Playoffs!   Maybe the reason the Sacramento River Cats are the most valuable team in Minor League Baseball is because they win games. The team  just clinched their Division Championship for the 6th straight year, breaking their previous record of...
  Quality Dry Rot Repair in Sacramento is Not Magic   There is nothing magic about dry rot repair in Sacramento; it’s just a matter of knowing how to correct the source of the moisture and repairing the damage in a professional manner.   No hocus pocus, no trap doors, and no tricks up my sleeve. ...
  Consistent step heights prevent injury.   There are some pretty strict building code requirements when it involves stair construction. The number of accidents that are caused by improperly constructed and maintained stairs are staggering. One of the important requirements is the consistent heig...
  I can install an exhaust fan, I wish you would have given me all the facts.   I was asked to bid on installing sheetrock for a homeowner doing their own kitchen remodel. Before the start of the project, I came out took my measurements. Some of the walls were going to change a bit but it seemed ...
Are you having problems with bees, hornets, bats and other unwanted insects and rodents?   James Quarello, Connecticut Home Inspector, shows us a small sample of the kinds of “home invasions” that he comes across on a regular basis. Check out his post. Subscribe if you enjoy good home inspection ...
  7th Annual California Capital Airshow Mather Airport, September 8th and 9th, 2012 When is the California Airshow at the old Mather Air Force Base? I heard this asked today and I wanted to know myself! Of course the base is no longer an active base but the Mather Airport is very much in use. On ...
  I have a water leak!    But I don’t know where it’s coming from.   It is important to get any moisture problems taken care of as soon as possible. If it is an active water leak, the source of the problem has to be corrected. A good contractor can do that for you, you don’t need to find the wate...
     Do you think this sink drain has been repaired a few times? I’ve seen my share of leaking drain pipes as a contractor in Sacramento, this drain line was not leaking. I am grateful for that; I’d have to find a fourth type of drain to keep the trend of unmatched parts.    J
  The Progression of Dry Rot in a Sacramento Stairway An apartment community in Sacramento called me to help with their exterior dry rot problems that they were having in the stairways leading to the upstairs units. This community had nearly 200 stairways, and most of them had dry rot related pro...

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