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  Let me get this straight… 100 degrees in October?   Well it looks like we get to start the month off with a hot day in Sacramento tomorrow. Certainly a day in which we must actively stay hydrated. The rest of the week will be cooler by comparison.  J  
  No Need for a Horse to Use the Trails of Greenstone Country of Placerville   Greenstone Country offers some quiet trails in the 2265 acre Placerville Community. Horse trails, pedestrian trials that stretch over 11 miles throughout the equestrian friendly homes and you do not need a horse. Drivi...
  Does "No Cell Phone Use" Mean All Phone Functions?    While waiting in line at the local landfill, I noticed the No Cell Phone notice outside my window. It sounds like a good rule, the road to the unloading area can be dangerous. But I wondered…   Can I use my phone camera? County of Sacramento...
  “I have a dry rot problem, but it’s only cosmetic!”   I have heard of dry rot damage considered a “cosmetic problem” on several occasions. As a property owner, we sometimes have to trust that an expert may be better qualified to make that determination. An expert can have much more experience i...
  Are You New to ActiveRain? Five Reasons Why You Should Stay   I would guess that the vast majority of members here, at some point, asked themselves, “Is blogging worth it?” I hope that you are asking yourself that same question because it does require serious consideration. If you want to just ...
  Contractor Winter Wear – A Cordless Winter Jacket?   Okay I know it was in the low 90’s today in Sacramento today, but I was thinking about what to wear this winter. My thoughts were driven by a display at a plumbing supply in Elk Grove. I was at the Slakey Brothers Plumbing Supply in Elk Grove...
  Sometimes you just have to have proof that you are telling the truth.   One of my employees sent me a picture of a broken window at an apartment community, the text said “I didn’t do it!” I was puzzled, so I called him to find out more about the window. When I called he said that he just wanted...
  I Got a Piece of Cake in the Mailbox Today     Imagine my surprise when I opened the mailbox and saw a piece of cake inside. I was afraid to touch it at first, and then I realized it was a promotional item. A local automotive service is celebrating their 12th year in service, and mailed out the...
  Good to see a sunset from home tonight    I’m usually not one to travel much, but I have had a series of obligations out of town the last 10 days. It’s good to be home and see the sunset in my neighborhood for a change. Here’s what it looked like driving home.  
I’m Tired of Fighting It, Can I Buy Your Gardener Dinner?   Does your siding have dry rot damage due to high soil levels? If the soil is in contact with your wood siding, you will have problems with dry rot and water damage. This is a fact, it will happen. I have explained and corrected this sor...

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