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    Personally, I really like going to Starbuck for coffee. The taste of the coffee, the atmosphere, and I don’t have to brew it myself.  J However, I think I have found that sipping coffee here tops Starbucks.  I brewed my local coffee beans this morning; this is the atmosphere that I enjoyed to...
  I was trying to get a different type of photo today. I wanted to get a distant view that was broken up with some closer plants. I probably should have chosen a picture without the brown areas and fences, but this is what I came up with.   Enjoy this day!  
    The best thing about being a fan of palm trees is seeing palm trees shaped like fans. How bizarre. I saw the first one today driving down the highway. Later there were these trees everywhere. Anybody ever see one of these. Better yet, what are these palm trees called? Enjoy your day!
  It was a glorious sunset today in the Pacific. Can you hear the waves? Smell the salt in the air? Feel the gentle breeze?     It’s good to get away from the day-to-day duties and just relax with those that you love. Today was one of those days. I’m looking forward to a great week on top of a mo...
I can see that you have a problem.   Water can damage siding and you may not recognize it until it spreads and becomes visible. The damage can come in a variety of situations, whenever water and building materials meet, problems can occur. Take this photo for example. From the ground we could se...
Painting Contractor Makes A Mistake I just saw this in the news yesterday, the painter of the school crossing made a mistake in spelling. The humiliating spelling error was etched in front of a building housing three schools. The story was reported in the New York Post, which led to the correcti...
One Year Today! I have been here for one year today. We can all learn a lot from being here at ActiveRain. I know that I have learned by doing what other successful people have done. In an earlier, post I listed 100 things that I learned from being here. Maybe you have suggestions for the next ye...
Invitations - He inspired me to subscribe to his blog   I have had difficulty in getting invitations out to people to join ActiveRain. I know that Margaret Rome says, “"Don't despair! I send many invitations for each acceptance!”, but I’m in a Challenge bind right now. I’ve already posted about o...
  This Would Be Nice - Photo Fun Many men go their entire lives without ever being recognized for the work that they have done. I have been fortunate to be placed on the cover of some major magazines. This is the latest in a series of dubious covers. Architectural Digest is a fine publication; do...
ActiveRain University – Outside Blogs   I’ve done a lot in the year that I’ve been here, but there always seems to be so much more to learn and do. Maybe that’s why I stay here, where else can I learn so much so quickly.  I took some time to watch a video on Setting Up An Outside Blog.   I have d...

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