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It starts November 1st, take this 30 Day Challenge If you are new to blogging and want to see what it’s like to blog every day (it is possible), or been around for a while and need a little more decipline in writing – Check out Chris Ann Cleland’s post! Many who have taken a 30 Day Challenge have...
  Meeting with a general contractor doesn’t have to be a scary encounter in Sacramento.     Many can get intimidated when meeting with a general contractor for the first time. Perhaps you have never worked with a contractor in the past, feel like you aren’t too construction savvy, or even not too...
    I got a chance to meet with some past clients to talk about some improvements to their home in Sacramento. It was fun talking about the good ol’ days while we were doing the last project a few years ago. Word of mouth is good, but repeat customers are the way to go!
  A Contractor Can Repair Your Siding, But You Need to Repair the Gutter.   A benefit of working with a licensed general contractor is the experience he can bring to a needed repair. Too often, a lot of time and money is spent fixing a problem that will likely recur in a few years. This may be th...
  Would you open this envelope if it were on your door?    There are a lot of clever ways to get your target audience to open your advertisement. I saw this hanging from the door of a vacant condo; it was flipped with the word “confidential” facing inward. I show the lettering and become curious ...
  They’re just straps, how hard can it be? Earthquake strapping of water heaters is required in Sacramento County; it may be required in your county if you are in California. Most building departments have required a building permit for the installation or replacement of water heaters. For those ...
  Defying Physics? Fun Photo I don’t know what this guy was thinking when he decided to buy some lumber today, but I sure hope he made it to wherever he was going. I don’t think that this is legal in the State of California; your load cannot extend nearly 8’ beyond the end of the vehicle. Let’s l...
  Replacing your lap siding? Better measure first   Not all lap siding is the same? If you are looking to replace some water damaged siding, be sure to take accurate measurements before starting the project. Even a slight difference in dimension can make things difficult for a repair. Taking a qu...
  We need to get the place ready to rent, But I Can’t Find the Source of the Leak.   I got a call to repair a leak in a bathroom ceiling above the tub, the unit had already been rented and the new tenants will be moving in, five days from now. It shouldn’t be a problem, as long as we can find the...
  I see the bad patch; I want to know WHY it was patched.   How many times have you walked into a room and noticed a bad patch job. That spot where the doorknob hits the wall, the area just outside the shower, or along the side of the window; there are many spots that you will see a poor wall pat...

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