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  The floor plan may be the same, be sure to check it out anyway.   I have seen a lot of apartment floor plans in the last 25 years as a general contractor, there seems to be something for everybody. I think it is important for the future tenant to take time to really look at the unit that they w...
  Why is the paint already peeling off the siding?   Last year at this time, an apartment complex exterior was painted in Fair Oaks area of Sacramento. The manager called because the paint is already failing. The new exterior paint has begun the peel and flack off the siding. Is it normal for ext...
  Is Your Marketing Material Effective?     While driving through the parking lot of the local home improvement store, I noticed a contractor’s truck that had a magnetic sign on the side of the truck. While it may have had some humorous meaning to the owner, I couldn’t help think “What does Johnn...
  I’m getting hungry for Thanksgiving Day Dinner    There are so many things that make the Thanksgiving Day special, my favorite is the dinner. I’m already thinking about all the fixings; I can almost taste the turkey right now. We will be brining our turkey and then barbequing the bird on a char...
  Installing Wall Cabinets in Sacramento is Easier with the Right Tools.   One of the cool things about being a general contractor in Sacramento is that I get to use some tools and equipment that make the job easier. For installing wall cabinets, this cabinet lift makes cabinet installation so mu...
    Looking for Walmart in Carmichael, CA? New Store Just Opened   Residents in the Carmichael area now have their own Walmart store, no need to drive across town to get those bargain Walmart products. The new store is located at the intersection of Madison Avenue and Manzanita Avenue in the Madi...
  Photoshop Tip – Fun with layers   I have been asked a few times how to do some photo editing technics using Photoshop. I have gotten a few requests following a recent post with some Twinkies. Photoshop is a pretty powerful program, the more you use it, the more you will find. Sometimes, it’s ju...
  I Fixed My Television For $3.99 I posted that I was going to attempt to repair my television with the help of Google and YouTube. It was relatively easy to do, and I saved $600 that it would have cost to have it repaired. If you are setting there thinking that this is not something that you can...
      I checked Google and it’s true – Search results for Twinkies going out of business.   Hostess shuttering doors, ending era of iconic brands Hostess going out of business; Twinkies to disappear from shelves  Twinkies maker Hostess going out of business - CBS News  Twinkies maker Hostess plan...
  Water Leak Emergency Requires Immediate Action by Contractor   Water leak emergencies happen in apartment communities, and can affect more than one unit. Immediate action by a contractor can mean the difference in the amount of damage that occurs. The longer it takes to correct the source of th...

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