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  Sheep Invasion at the Sacramento County Landfill?     The Sacramento County Landfill has a new addition to the hillside; grazing sheep to control the vegetation growth. What a great idea! The sheep get to eat all day, and the County of Sacramento controls the weed growth on the mounds of soil. ...
  You’re in My Living Room; How Do You Know My Lightweight Concrete Deck is Leaking?   A general contractor who has experience in demolishing and rebuilding several hundred lightweight concrete decks in Sacramento apartments complexes can be a great help in finding the signs of a failed deck. Kno...
  You Don’t Know What’s Buried in the Clinging Ivy; Is That Wood Rotted?   We had the opportunity to look at a dumpster enclosure with large wood members spanning the width of the unit. Until recently, the wood was fully covered with clinging ivy. The ivy created a dark, moist environment for bug...
  Is That An Oak Tree in Your Wood Deck? It is not uncommon to see oak trees growing up through a wood deck in the Sacramento area. Oak trees provide shade, and it is a special look that many enjoy. Often times the oak tree cannot be removed, they are protected. Done correctly the tree can be a u...
  This Capital Improvement Will Pay For Itself in Less Than 60 Days   Working on a capital improvement in Elk Grove, CA this apartment community was able to turn some maintenance storage space into income producing garages. It is always a good idea to look at ways of spending a little money to ma...
  You Are Not Going to Believe This College Cheerleader Shot. I don’t know if you watch college basketball, but there was a cheerleader from William Carey University who takes an amazing half-court shot during the half-time break. This was her fifth attempt at this shot this year; this video is d...
  Are You Recouping Your Capital Expenses?   We all have to consider the cost of improving your property. The improvement may be a new deck, remodeling the kitchen, or the cost of new windows; they all have costs and benefits. As a general contractor in Sacramento, I get to be a part of some of t...
  Water Damage Repair in Folsom - Before and After   Early in the Folsom water damage repair project, things can look a bit overwhelming. There will be damaged materials, discolored surfaces, and maybe even some dry rot involved; all of this can be corrected by a water damage repair professional....
  Installing a Wall Air Conditioner? Choose Your Spot Carefully   I discover a wall air conditioner unit in Sacramento that appears to be installed incorrectly. A wall unit needs to be on an exterior wall to work to its maximum potential. Have an air conditioner that is inside a storage closet is...
  The competition for apartment rentals is getting stiff in many areas of Rancho Cordova and the surrounding communities. Apartment vacancies are high and the management is scrambling to find an answer to this problem. The first knee-jerk reaction is to lower the rents, offer free rent for a mont...

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