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  Concrete Decks in Sacramento County Can Be Dangerous!    Within the apartment construction industry there must be a belief that the use of concrete as a second or third story deck is a safe and permanent choice. This is not always the case in Sacramento County; many communities have experienced...
        A Good Day to Even the Score. It’s not always easy choosing what to be doing sometimes. Deadlines are approaching, holidays with the family, rest, responsibilities, taxes; their may not be any right answer. For me this Easter will be about spending quality time with the family. The boys a...
  There Is Always Time to Be a Sensei or Grasshopper Here at ActiveRain When I first saw the Sensei/Grasshopper Contest, I was excited about all of the possibilities to gain new knowledge from the vast experience of those that are here. But where do I start? There always seems to be something mor...
  Water is Not Flowing from My Dishwasher to the Disposal It is always fun to find problems inside apartment homes after the tenants have moved out. Many of the problems that we discover are the result of the tenant not disclosing or afraid to disclose that something is not working correctly. Man...
Some Foods Should Not Be Put Down The Kitchen Sink Disposal   A kitchen sink garbage disposal is not designed to handle all sorts of foods. Some food types can cause drainage clogs and excessive ware in the disposal. The following is a great list of foods that should not go down the kitchen sink ...
  How do you do in the Getting Healthy in the Rain Challenge? I liked the idea of doing something to get healthier and a Challenge was probably a great idea to get that kick start that I needed. I have a problem with sleeping – I don’t do it. Not literally of course, but I get by on some very lim...
  A Quiet Sunset by the Lake in Placerville     I lot can be said about the quiet end of the day; finding that spot and reflecting on the blessings that we have been given is something that we must experience. Sometimes, it’s the best part of the day in Placerville, CA.   How about you?   Do you ...
  Don’t Overlook the Obvious Signs of Water Damage.   I was on a job at an apartment complex working inside a unit in Sacramento. There were some signs of exterior siding and trim repairs that were done. I came across this area that was in clear view of anyone walking by this downstairs unit.   A...
  Time To Rest At The End Of A Monday     Mondays seem to be the day of the week that things can get a bit crazy. It feels like people see things over the weekend, or set goals to get things done “this week”; I get a bunch of calls that are out of the ordinary. It’s all a part of my job to try to...
  Dry Rot Repair in Cameron Park   Who do I call to get the rotted wood repaired on my Cameron Park home? It is not uncommon for homes in El Dorado County to have wood rot, yours may be one of them. The repairs can be swift and inexpensive if detected early and corrected. If nothing else, call so...

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