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  That spring in your step may be a rotting deck.   Have you ever walked across a wood deck that was springy or bouncy? That may not be your youthful step; it may be the early signs of a rotted wooden deck. Something to consider checking before someone gets hurt.   A structurally sound wood deck ...
    Weather you are buying a home in Placerville , or just improving your deck with colors, now is the time to be planting those planters. The spring planting can even make a guy like me look like a “green thumb”. The important thing is to get out there and plant some colorful plants for all to s...
    Perspective Perhaps there is another way of seeing things. In any situation, we can find something to complain about, we have all done it. Viewed from a different perspective, we can always find good. If both are there, than we get to choose how to perceive things. Which do you choose?
    One of the things that I like best about getting up early is watching the sun peek over the Sierra Mountains to the East. It happens every day but if I’m ready, I will wait for that moment. There is something special about that moment that makes me think that there is a power out there, far g...
  This lap siding doesn’t look right, is it bad?   I think it is safe to say that you do not need to be an expert in dry rot and water damage to see that something is wrong with your lap siding. If the material is warped, crumbing, or changing shape than it is probably a good idea to have it look...
     One of the nicest things about having a deck is the ability to plant blooming flowers in pots up close. This time of year is a great time to get those flowers growing; the weather is warming up and the days are getting longer. It is a perfect time to get out on the deck.  
  How are your balcony railings holding up today?    With the warmer weather, tenants are spending more time out on there balconies; are your railings safe? It may be a good idea to walk your property to see what the conditions of those railings are like. A little prevention can go a long way in ...
  Not All Sacramento Siding Jobs Can Be Done From a Ladder      There are just some siding jobs in Sacramento that need to be done from scaffolding, rather than a ladder. While the cost to rent scaffolding can add to the cost of the siding replacement, it has its benefits. High on the list of ben...
    Did you catch your breath today?     There has been a lot of things going on in the world the last few weeks, and has put a lot of pressure on our time and thoughts. Sometimes catching our breath from all of this doesn’t seem like an option, because there is so much on our plate. Perhaps stop...
Where is Bass Lake Golf Course in Rescue, CA?   Bass Lake Golf Course may be hard to find because you will often see in associated with El Dorado Hills or Cameron Park; however, it is located in Rescue CA. It can be found at 3000 Alexandrite Drive in Rescue, CA 95672.   I had an opportunity to pl...

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