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  Does the management know that you have a pet?     As a contractor who regularly goes into occupied units to do repairs, I see a lot of things that the manager may not. On occasion, I feel that I need to share with the staff some of the things that I see in my travels. New pets are often times o...
  Do You Do Apartment Rehabs in Sacramento?   Yes, we have been working on interior and exterior repairs and restorations for apartment owners and managers for decades. 80 – 90 % of our work is in apartment communities in the Sacramento area. If you have a small project that needs to be done or a...
  Do you work with Insurance Companies? When something goes wrong with your insured property, you want a contractor that can respond quickly and do quality work. Over the years we have worked with many of the larger insurance companies in meeting this objective. Sometimes it is a call from the in...
  Can I send you the termite report? It has been our experience that most transactions involve several inspections by either the buyer or the seller. We often get calls after the parties receive one or both of these reports. The findings in the reports are right in line with what we do, as a gene...
    It was great to get a refund check from the IRS today. While getting a refund may feel good when received, it just means that I overpaid during the year. It has been my experience that paying too much in estimated taxes is better than not paying enough. How close did you come in estimating yo...
      Just when we thought the cat was gone forever, she shows up at the door tonight.   Our cat Lucy has been missing for three days. We weren’t too concerned after the first day she can handle herself pretty well but then she did not come back. After the second day of roaming the neighborhood s...
  How Many Almonds Can I Have Anyway?   One of the things that I enjoy doing is to give blood on a regular basis at the Marshall Community Blood Center. I feel that this is something that is much needed, not too inconvenient to do, and I’m fortunate to be able to give healthy blood. I don’t tell ...
    Not liking where you are right now? Standing still will not change your surroundings but moving will bring you to a new place. We don’t always know what that place will be exactly but it will surely be different. This does require us to act; we must do things to create change.
  Give up the fight – Change!   There are so many things that we could probably change that would help in doing business better but we fight it because we do not like to change. Change requires extra effort on our part and probably costs a little bit more money. It is so much easier to just conti...
  Can’t we just cut the ends of the rotted wood and replace that part?   I have learned a lot of things from reading termite reports and seeing the work that they do. I am not licensed to spray chemicals or issue reports as a termite inspector but I have done more than my share of dry rot repair ...

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