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  The California Fires Can Make Breathing Difficult     Recent fires in California have made breathing much more difficult in Northern California. The air was a little bit better today but smoke is still visible. This shot was taken from the foothills of the Sierras facing the Sacramento Valley. ...
    I just heard that because of the limited rain fall and the resulting dry season, the bears are moving to lower elevations in the Sierra Foothills. The bear contacts with humans have tripled this year because of the dry weather. The bears are expected to reach as low as 1,000 feet of elevation...
  It’s not raining – check your gutters!   Remember that drip you had in the gutter last winter? You said you were going to get it taken care of when the rains stopped.   It is the dead of summer in Sacramento, the temperatures are high, no sign of rain.   Maybe now is a good time to repair that ...
  Stucco Wall Repair Can Be Reduced If Constructed Better   In Sacramento, many of the apartment communities have buildings and walls constructed with stucco. While stucco is a product with cement in it, the framing and support needs to be structurally sound from the start. Without a strong base,...
  A Special Subway Sandwich Shop in Cameron Park, Let’s Meet For lunch!   I make my love for Subway Sandwich known to all that care to listen; most of my lunches are spent eating my favorite sandwich there. I have been to hundreds of shops in many cities over the years, but I do have a favorite l...
Just looking to help out a follow blogging reach a goal, he has racked up a few points in a short period. Check out his number of posts each month! Great job Bob.11 days, 9000 pts, 50 years About a year ago, I was 4 months into the blogging thing and thought that I had it all figured out and set ...
  Yes this is legal, but not the best practice in repairing door jambs.   This happens all the time in the repair of wood rot in Sacramento but it is legal. A better practice would be to remove and repair the entire wood door jamb. The industry standard has shifted to just cutting out the bad por...
  Be Sure To Check The Ends of Boards For Dry Rot, A Common Area For Dry Rot   I get an opportunity to look at and repair dry rotted wood in the Sacramento area. As a dry rot repair contractor, we get to witness some patterns in where dry rot occurs on the properties. As discussed in an earlier p...
  It must be that time of year for spiders; they seem to be in all the right places.    Dark places, cooler spots, remote areas less bothered – you know, all the areas that a general contractor needs to be working to get to the dry rot and water damage. J   I nearly walked into this one yesterday...
      The skies were quite cloudy in the Sierras today; it looked like rain and was very “muggy” most of the day. It never did rain in Cameron Park but the temperatures were down. This afternoon the skies got clearer with just a few thin clouds to decorate the clear blue backdrop.

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