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  It may be cooler outside these days, but the attic is still pretty warm.   We all know that heat rises, so the space above your home is warmer than your home. While the temperatures have been cooler outside, the temperatures can still be pretty warm to be working in the attic for several hours....
  Got a new iPhone today, too early to say whether or not I like it.       It wasn’t peer pressure from my friends or the advertising that drove me to purchase an iPhone 5, I needed a new phone. I asked a few questions before buying the device and have poked around a little bit but I know just a ...
  Sunday Morning Sunrise Met With Some Early Clouds         There is a chance of rain tomorrow, and the early clouds seem to be settling in. It has been a relatively dry year in El Dorado County; a little rain would be good. In the meantime, I think I will just enjoy the view.  
  These Donuts are Truly Heavenly – Heavenly Donuts in Cameron Park, CA       I eat more than my share of donuts in the morning, and I like to get to a wide variety of donut shops. As I head down the hill through El Dorado County, one of the tastiest donut shops is right off the freeway in Camero...
Stoves N Stuff in Placerville, CA – Just in Time for Winter   Looking for a sale on stoves before the winter season? Stoves N Stuff may have the right stove for you on sale right now! With such a wide variety of stoves to offer, you will surely find what you need. Need expert stove advice? The st...
  Is it okay to have a hole in the attic firewall? This is not good.   After a recent rain, there were some leaks that appeared in the ceiling of the apartment units. The onsite maintenance crew did some checking of the attic for the source of the water. When I met them to talk about what they ha...
    HEALTH EXPO in Cameron Park, CA Who doesn’t want to improve their health? This is a great opportunity to learn about what is available to you right here in Cameron Park. Come see what is happening here in October.   Wednesday, October 9, 2013 10:00am – 4:00pm Cameron Park Community Center 250...
  So your exterior lights aren’t going on when it gets dark outside…   Most commercial building and apartments have exterior lights that are designed to go on at night. This is an important function for many reasons. Here are a few: Security Safety Illumination Design   Though there are several g...
  My toilet has a wax ring, but it still leaks.   You may not know this but every toilet sits on a wax ring. It creates a seal between the toilet and the floor drain; without it there will be a leak whenever you flush. As long as the bolts are secure and the toilet does not move, this seal can la...
If I’m traveling virtually, I need to get to these places.   There are so many places that I have been drawn to while reading the many bloggers’ posts of their local areas. Narrowing this down to just one would be misleading, I could think of many who have really “sold” their local turf. The one ...

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