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  There are so many more people that I would just love to meet in person. I can’t possibly list or meet them all. I do want to list a few more in this final contest post though. So, for a lack of a better reason, these members round out my list tonight.   Lenn Harley – You can’t argue with succes...
    When we first moved to our current home, it seemed to be a ways away from the regular crowd. Trips to the store, getting a movie, or running to the gas station were a bit further than it used to be. We love our home but was it worth the extra 15-20 minutes “up the hill”? Don’t get me wrong, I...
  I Wanna Meet This Guy Live And In Person – Craig Rutman   One of the things that caught my attention when I first came to ActiveRain was this guy who posted so many interesting Photoshop images that were very entertaining. His posts were always directed back to his local market – Craig Rutman i...
  Who would I Like to Meet Live and In Person? Where Do I Start?   I remember a few years ago there was a Challenge similar to this one; we had to pick three “Gold Star” members. When I wrote that post I chose Craig Daniels, Tammy Emineth, and Richard Yates, each of them still rank very high and ...
  Are you kidding? Show California in one photo?       There is so much in the State of California that could be photographed and be absolutely stunning. The gorgeous coastlines, the majestic mountains, countless streams and rivers, and lakes for recreation and relaxation – all add to the scenic ...
  Pumpkin Patch at the Rescue Fire Department     There are many Pumpkin Patches going on in El Dorado County but there is one that is a bit out of the way. This quaint little Patch is a favorite of those who live in the Rescue, CA area. It is not too late to come and pick out your pumpkin! Locat...
  Look, Up In the Sky! Photo       I was heading north on Highway 65 toward Lincoln the other day and noticed something just above the horizon. It was far away but I could see that it was airborne and moving closer. I shot a few photos as it approached. It was a paraglider. As it approached, my p...
  Been Thinking About Contacting a General Contractor in Placerville, CA?     Many have been taking advantage of the opportunity to improve their homes and investment properties in Placerville. Perhaps you are one of those that are still on the fence about getting started, but just can’t decide. ...
  Do You Trust Your El Dorado County Contractor?   As a contractor in El Dorado County, I have been fortunate enough to be called to repair dry rot and water damage in many of the apartment communities in the county. Roofs leaking from rains in the winter can seem like a regular event in the foot...
  Seven Best Pumpkin Patch in Sacramento Area     Local Sacramento television station, News 10, did television pole to find the best Pumpkin patches in Sacramento and the results in. Each has a huge following and the Annual event draws thousand to the see what is going on.   If you are just looki...

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