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  Sometimes you roll up to the job site and just get a feeling that you are not welcome.       This feeling doesn’t happen to often but it does from time to time, especially when working on a vacant or abandoned home. Not being familiar with the background of the property, we don’t always know wh...
    Can we give you an estimate to do some dry rot repairs on your Elk Grove apartment clubhouse with the painting estimate that you requested? Often times we discover minor dry rot repairs that did not get noticed by the staff when doing some other project. Sometimes it just makes sense for the ...
    You’ve never had that water stain before? Good, let’s get on it right away!   If you have signs of water leaking in your Sacramento home it is good to repair it right away. Early detection of a water intrusion is very important, it can be repaired before things get bad. What are some signs of...
      The good news is that the home is cleared of all the personal belongings… The bad news is that it is all behind the garage!   When a home is owned by a distant bank, there is not a lot of eyes watching what is happening on the property. I wonder if the bank knows that all the personal belon...
    What? Springtime already?   All of this talk of spring have me a bit off-guard this year. I had an opportunity to go to the Springtime MeetUp in Folsom – it seem to have gotten here much sooner than I had expected. I know that the calendar says it is that time of year but the cool weather in ...
      As the sun was setting there was some beautiful sights to see. Heavy rains, sun bursts, and I even received two tornado warnings in the area on my phone. It was an exciting ride home yesterday. I am glad to see some rain in the Sacramento Region the last few days. More expected today.  
  So what makes for a good MeetUp?   Quality ActiveRainers sure helps, we had a handful of veteran MeetUp goers for this year’s Springtime MeetUp. Though the numbers weren’t huge, there sure was a comfortable feeling in knowing that these people have all been there before. If you have been to a f...
  Speechless Tuesday - Cat Time     It is not often that you get to see two cats, from two completely different backgrounds, got along like these two do. Taking photos of them can be a regular event, they are so good together and fun to watch. How are things in your home? Do your cats get along t...
    Those Tree Roots Out Battle Concrete Curbs every time in Sacramento       When it comes to the tree roots vs. concrete curbs, the concrete doesn’t stand a chance. This is especially true if the concrete does not have any steel reinforcement. Having some rebar or wire mesh adds a great deal of...
    Hope You Marked Your Calendars for the Folsom MeetUp, Wed 3/26  4-6pm   MeetUp in Folsom on Wednesday this week, we’d love the opportunity to have you attend for the first time. We promise to be on our best behavior and believe that you will have a good time. I know that I get a kick out of e...

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