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    There is something about the smell of fresh flowers indoors. Sure you can buy an air freshener to get a similar fragrance and you may not notice the difference. The real thing has some benefits: the potency and the aroma is real. It is what the imitations are trying to copy. So unless you are...
      As the season begins to change and the flowers are blooming, I get to see so many different flowers in and around the homes in which on am working. The best part is I don't have the garden, or care for the flowers. I do get a chance to see them in all there glory though.    
    Does that kitchen design change make sense in your Sacramento Condo?   One of the fun things to do as a General Contractor in Sacramento is to make kitchen layout changes. Customers that need to move some things around to better suit their needs can get help from a contractor. What kind of ch...
  Between Small Storms     We had some rain that was very welcomed the last few days and we may get some more precipitation again soon. We can use all the water we can get right now. The blotchy clouds got in the way of the sun this evening, and it made for a delightful sight.
  Adding New Cabinets and Granite Counters in Rancho Cordova Next Week.   This condo in Rancho Cordova will be getting all new kitchen cabinets and granite counters next week. I had to start getting them out today while I can. The new owner is on a budget but wants to get some bang for his buck i...
  Bad Repairs Can Even Happen In Million Dollar Homes   As the woman on the phone was describing to me her situation, I knew exactly what she was talking about. I've seen it many time before in all sorts of Serrano homes. The repairs that were done, needed to be done again just 2 years later.   T...
      The temperature have dropped a bit at night the last few nights, not freezing cold but certainly cooler. I noticed that it is not yet time to put away all the warm clothes for the season. Of course the sun still manages to warm things up come morning, as Lucy has discovered on her own.  
Your Water Heater Is About To Cause Serious Damage       So you have a home in Sacramento and are wondering how long your water heater will last, the answer is not always easy but the warning signs may help. Indoor water heaters in Sacramento can last 10, 15 or 20 years or more, but when they do ...
There is a growing market for safe showers and tubs in the Sacramento region. Baby Boomers are reaching out for more friendly construction choices. Showers with seats, walls with grab bars and easy access steps can all be found by many manufacturers today. If you have a need for a special tub or...
    Some of us spend time crawling around under homes as a part of our regular work day, we get to see things that many do not. Yesterday I came across something new to me. There was evidence of animal activity since the last time down there.   Animals under the home is not new, as a general cont...

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