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  Calm day on a Greenstone Country Lake in Placerville, CA       It was a little warm today, but surely not the extreme heats that we can see in the Sacramento Valley during the summer months. The winds were calm and the temps in the 90's today, this makes for some excellent photo opportunities t...
  Why I tend to work in the sun when repairing siding.     No it's not that I'm working on my California tan, I would do that at the beach or poolside. Tearing off rotten wood siding in the heat is not the best choice for leisurely getting that golden tan. There is a much more important reason.  ...
  Dry Rot Repair in the Campus Commons Area Today   There is plenty of dry rot repairs being done in the the Sacramento, Campus Commons area. Siding, trim, and fencing is being torn off and replaced at an accelerated rate as if there were some sort of deadline. Well, there is a sort of deadline –...
  What's up with all these broken drain lines?     I got a call to check out a broken drain line while repairing a drain in another apartment unit. There seems to be a rush of these cracked ABS drain pipes in this Cameron Park Community. I'm not sure why they are happen at the same time, probably...
  Help! My Drain Pipe Fell Out Of The Wall   As strange as it may sound, a drain pipe can fall out of the wall. Sure, it's not something that should happen but it does occur. This is something that may be an easy repair or it can be a little more extensive of a plumbing repair. It depends on wher...
  Who builds a deck without posts?     I need to prepare an estimate to rebuild a second story deck in Roseville tonight. The deck has quite a bit of dry rot and is not worth salvaging any of the wood from the existing deck. I did notice something strange about this deck.   It is my guess that th...
  Had a Wonderful Day On The American River Today     When asked what it was that I wanted to do today, I requested that our family float down the American River in Sacramento. My wife and my three sons were all able to attend, and we had a blast. As the kids get older it is more and more difficu...
    Just thinking about a special man today.       Though he is no longer with us physically, my father will always be in my heart. I remember so many things about my father, all of which is good. Even those things that I fell he was so wrong about has proven to be my own misunderstanding.   He m...
  Can I get a second opinion on the Section I items of my termite report?       I look at a bunch of homes in the Sacramento area that have dry rot repair needs. Many times I get calls from homeowners and agents that want an estimate to repair the Section I items to have a clear pest report. This...
  It is that time of year, let's toss some caps!       High School Graduations are all over the place, and we have had our share of them. It kind of reminds me of when I was in my twenties and it seemed that everyone was getting married. Picking the weekend, involved knowing who else was getting ...

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