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  That Siding Should Lay Flat Against That Sacramento Building     New siding can really make a home look like new if done by a reputable contractor. In Sacramento today, I came across a wall of relatively new siding that didn't look to good. Siding should lay flat against the building, not lifti...
  If Those Deck Supports Aren't Even Touching, They Aren't Working To Steady The Deck.     The higher the deck is off the ground, the more lateral support it is going to need. This lateral support is used to prevent the deck from sliding from side to side. It may be minor at first but it will get...
  Tromler Construction   An Uncommon Contractor     There was I time when I first started out on my own as a contractor, it was important that the customer get more than they expected. It was more than a matter of what I was doing, it included my behavior and treating the client well; things that...
  Can a Post Rot If It Is Up On a Pier Block?   There are benefits to putting posts up on pier blocks. These blocks eliminate the need to set them in the ground. Whenever wood is put in the ground, there is the risk of dry rot and water damage over time. So putting the post up on a pier block pro...
  How Did That Pocket Door Repair Turn Out?     A pocket door is installed when a traditional door and its swing would be an obstruction. These hidden doors can be a great way to have privacy without the door being in the way while in the open position. You may have one in your home in Sacramento...
  I Know You Had Pets, They Left Clues   Selling your home? We know whether or not you have had pets. As a contractor working on your home or apartment it is not my job to determine what kind and how many pets that you have had living with you. But the clues are there for those working on the hom...
  Concerned About A Rodent Problem? Stop Feeding Them!     I was asked to take a look at an apartment that the residents were complaining about having mice. I found this odd because the community has always been clean of rodents, except for the occasional squirrel nesting in the attic. While talk...
  That Stain Is A Good Indicator of a Leak     That discoloration in the vinyl flooring can mean that there is a leak under the tub in your bathroom. Don't ignore the problem, it will probably only get worse. It may be a drainage problem or a water supply leak, both can be fixed. The plumbing rep...
Are Screws Really That Expensive?       There is a variety of methods for securing deck boards to the joists. Nails were the most common for the longest time; it was easy to do you just needed nails and a hammer. But over time the nails would begin to work their way out and needed to be correcte...
  Gotta Love Those Apple Hill Pies       It is that tie of year when folks head to Apple Hill for all the apple and assorted other fruits. One of my favorite desserts is the apple pie and those that come from Apple Hill Orchards are particularly good. These 8” high pies are packed with juicey swe...

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