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  It's just a small concrete patch, but we have dozens of them.     Trip hazards can be very troublesome in public areas, so getting them fixed is important. We were asked to do some small repairs in a whole bunch of areas this week to eliminate the problem areas. The government agencies will be ...
Problems with the Wireless Communication in This Town   Our service area is the Sacramento Region, and sometimes that even gets pushed to the limits of the bordering areas. That’s all good when it comes to the work that we do, but we run into a communication problem sometimes. Yesterday was one ...
  If I Can Stick My Finger Through It, It's Probably Rotten     I have done dry rot repair throughout California and have used many methods to detect and find dry rot and water damage in buildings. One of the best methods in getting an early indication of the amount of rotted wood that may be in ...
  Tree Roots in Dixon Damages Sidewalks             We have all seen the sidewalks that have been pushed up by tree roots and creates a trip hazard in the walk area. These trip areas can be a liability and safety issue and need to be addressed. That is exactly why I was called to this Dixon prope...
  So I Guess It Really Does Work   There has been a lot of discussion about the benefits of posting both locally and on current events like holidays. It was not that I doubted it but I got a chance to see it first hand the other day. Here is what happened. In an attempt to schedule work this week...
  This Door Is Always The Worst One.     I'm sure it has something to do with the exterior gaage door not being used as much as the other doors. The door is out of sight so there is not the same need to keep it looking as good as the other doors on the house. The doors can be exposed to some extr...
    Some things are wrong with this repair     Okay, some ideas just sound good when we run it through our heads. A weakened fence could easily be attached to a big mature tree. That may sound like a good idea at first but...   It may be harming the tree All living trees grow All living trees swa...
    I was out for a morning walk and noticed this neat pile.     It's coming up on the fireplace season, and firewood is going to be burning soon. While walking early this morning, I noticed that there were piles of tree part. Fireplace burning pieces, smaller kindling, and the needle filled bran...
  Heading To San Jose Looking Forward To Seeing Kathleen Daniels.   I've read of others doing this and I thought that maybe I could do the same thing one day. Traveling to another location and Meeting Up with a fellow member of ActiveRain just sounds like a fun thing to do one day. That day may b...
  Those Cast Iron Drain Pipes Can Be A Problem       Drain pipes can come in many different types of material, each has it's benefits and shortfalls. Often times the type of drainage pipe used is determined by the architect or the building codes in the area. Be sure to check with your favorite ge...

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