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  Strong Winds or Missing Screws?   I got a call to look at an interesting situation on the roof of an apartment building. It appears that a few of the fireplace chases were losing the sheet metal wind guard at the top. There was some strong winds a few days ago but this apparently happen last ni...
  Holy Cow, Next Year Is This Week!   Time sure has flown by this year, I can't believe that the new year is upon us. I think many of us have been caught up in the “hustle and bustle” of a good year of activity, time kind of got away from us. I know that is the case for me.     It is hard to beli...
A Good Rivalry Yesterday in College Basketball   There are many rivalries in all collegiate sports, many go back for centuries. Not all are this deep, but many have us on the end of our seats. For me the biggest of the rivalries is in the State of Kentucky – University of Kentucky vs. Louisville...
  Had a Chance to Check Out Some New Trails     It was a good day to get outside. I probably need to change my exercise routine. We've always wanted to get down to the Aquatic Center   All good reasons to get out and on the walking trails down along the river. I hope to get through this holiday a...
When Christmas Spills Over into the Next Morning       We tried to break up the Christmas celebrations a little differently this year. It can be tough making all those involved happy with their schedules too! This may mean multiple Christmas gatherings; it did for us. So last night we got starte...
  Yes I Can Replace That Rotted Siding, But I Need To See What Is Behind It   When handling water damage found in the exterior siding on a home, the problem can extend beyond what can be seen during the time of inspection. So the siding replacement, may be a simple task, but the damages that are ...
  Glad To Get That Water Damaged Wall Fixed Before Christmas   Working around the holidays can be tough for a number of reasons. When working inside a home we have to be concerned about the homeowners schedule. It's the holidays, they may be expecting guests or hosting a party. The last thing tha...
  Clear Skies Here and Just An Hour To Many Of The Ski Slopes in the Sierras     One of the best things about living in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains is that we are close to the skiing without being in the snow. We live within an hour of many quality ski resorts in the Tahoe area, yet can...
  Business As Usual, Even On A Holiday Week     The nature of home repairs due to water damage forces some to work when many others are taking some time off. I have to get a few projects done soon. Nobody wants to have an unfinished home with the friends and family over for the holiday celebratio...
  I'm Not A Gambler But I Need To See The Bengals Win Tomorrow!     I has a few friends here that really are into the Denver Broncos, and I really do like them as a team. The problem is I'm really a Cincinnati Bengal fan and the two are playing each other on Monday Night this week. I may have put...

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