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  As They Were Moving Out They Saw A Spot     Apparently it had gone unnoticed for a long time, it was hidden behind some furniture that never got moved I guess. When it came time to move out, it was discovered. An area of discoloration that needs to be addressed. I will be opening up the wall to...
    Remember how fun things used to be?  
    I’ve lived in homes all my life and never had this happen inside.   No this is not the first time that I have seen a door kicked in, I have repaired and replaced a hundred of these myself. The reasons for the forced entry can be varied and sometimes unbelievable. This does not happen just by ...
  Do something fun on President's Day!     There is a wide variety of things that we can be doing. Of course the weather can certainly have an impact. Those in the east may have to work on somethings closer to home; maybe some de-cluttering, marketing or goal setting is in order. Those in the wes...
  Drawing a blank but have much on my mind.   I have been working a lot of hours and have a lot of other things going on right now. When thinking of what to post, I am drawing a blank. There are tons of topics but none as a topic tonight. Maybe I just need to chip away at these other things a bit...
  The Bulbs Don't Lie     Some of the bulbs that we planted back in the fall of last year have already broken ground and are way ahead of schedule. But the bulbs don't lie, they grow when the weather is right. Happens with other plants too. You have any trees blooming early?
    It Is Important That The Colors Match     A poor patch job will always catch the eye and look bad after the work is complete. Matching the paint color is equally important. How many times have you seen a repair get painted with a slightly different color? It kind of draws your eye to the repa...
  I See Why Water Was Coming Inside The Unit     Sometimes it can be difficult to verbally describe the problem to an owner or manager of a property. If we are lucky, there are clues left behind to help us in showing what had happened to cause the water intrusion. During a recent rain, water had ...
  You Don't Have To Be a Smart Contractor To Find The Problem     Many seem to think of me as a really smart guy when it comes to finding water damage problems and how to repair buildings. I don't feel that is the case, sometimes it's just a matter of looking at the obvious for clues. If you were...
  So What is Involved In Replacing a Beam?   I recently posted about a deck that had signs of movement and cracking in Sacramento. The cracks were in the stucco covering the wood support beam and need to be looked at. Upon opening the area of the beam support, we could see that the wood beam was ...

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