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 When Walkways Get Dangerous  We often take those outdoor walkways for granted, they appear to be safe from the top. Regular inspections can help to disclose those walkways that have become dangerous. Finding out the troubled areas and repairing the water damaged construction can prevent a disast...
 I'm Sure It Will Go Unnoticed By Most Buyers Okay, so you are looking at building or repairing that deck of yours and want to get some ideas to make those deck improvements. You head over to your local Big Box Hardware store to look at some displays, check the prices, and collect some design ide...
 Going From Point A to Point B Should Be Simple  A lot of home improvement projects seem to get complicated for one reason or another. Often, what is required is a simple task, like going from point A to point B here. It is important that the trip from A to B is downhill and have a few turns as p...
 Even If You Hide It, It Is Only Temporary  I see a bunch of rotted wood in my line of work, I remove and replace wood rot in the Sacramento area regularly. So when I see a situation that has been worked on before I get to do some reasoning and reconstruction of prior events. I may not be Sherloc...
 We Have an Implosion Problem  We have been working with some stripping chemicals this week. In the heat the cans would swell, in the evenings we discovered that the opposite was happening. If I remember from chemistry class, this was considered an implosion. It was funny to find this in the morn...
 Went For A Long Hike Today  There is a lot to do in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains in El Dorado County. Today we had the opportunity to go for a hike up past Horsetail Falls. The elevation jumps from 6700 feet at the parking lot to about 8000 feet at the Lake of the Woods at the crest of ...
 Exterior Door Is Warped A lot can be said about the value of hiring an experienced local contractor in Sacramento. Being able to trust that the right thing is being done and the repair or replacement of that exterior door is being done right means a lot to a homeowner. Choosing someone lesser qu...
 Smokey Start To The Weekend  Though not in our own backyard, there are many wildfires across the state, the colorful sunrises and sunsets are a gentle reminder to be careful. This time of year we get to see the hardworking professionals from all over the state doing what they do best. We appreci...
 Looking At Some Deck Drawings This Weekend  There has been an increasing demand for deck repairs and replacements the last few weeks. There are many factors leading up to this, including some serious accidents related to decks collapsing and injury to those on the deck. Accidents do happen but n...
 Structural Dry Rot Needs Additional Attention   Contractors repairing dry rot in Sacramento get to see a variety of wood damage. While no wood rot damage is good, some areas do require a bit more attention than others. One of these areas is the structural framing of the building. Surface fungus ...

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