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 Can We Use The Existing Curb As A Foundation For My Shed?  It would be great to use an existing curb for a foundation for a new shed but it is not likely to be suggested. There are many reasons why the existing curb is not a good idea for the foundation.    It is not deep enough? There is no reb...
 Time To Check Those Air Filters    As the temperature start dropping and you consider firing up that heater this winter, look at the air filter to see if it is time to change. It may not look this bad but a clean filter at the beginning of the season can help keep your heating system run well. C...
  You saw it on YouTube, you must know more than me!   I'm sorry that you feel that you have a better understanding of this project than I do, you are going to have to do it without me. It's not that the project isn't worthwhile because it really needs to be done. If you are going to do this with...
 Remember when all screw heads were the same?    I came across this one yesterday, I had never seen one like this. I understand the need for different heads in some applications but there seems to be way too many out there today.  I didn't have the right tool but creativity prevailed and I got it...
 Cracked Clean-Out Hard To Detect   The only thing the owner saw was the water damage caused by the cracked drain pipe. There was no way of knowing by looking on the surface what the source of the water was. Opening the wall in the area quickly exposed the problem, the clean-out was cracked. Judg...
The good news is we found where the leak is coming from...   the bad news is that is coming from under all this!  It took some determination but we found there is a leak under all this equipment up on the roof of a three story building in Sacramento. Water is leaking into the building every time ...
Who Needs That Electrical Box In The Ceiling?   While we may not always understand why some things are required when building a home, we can't just change things without doing them right. The homeowners asked me to replace their track lighting in the living room and I was happy to do so. I assume...
I See That You Replaced The Closet Shelf Yourself!   There are times when it is very clear that a job was done by someone less than professional. They may have been hired to do the work but it was not done in a professional manner. I came across this closet shelf in an apartment, it was completed...
Cracked Tub Drain Leak Found in Folsom  It took a contractor to find this tricky leak in Folsom. Others were trying to repair all sorts of likely sources of the leaking water. Plumbers putty, tightening of the drain, and checking the overflow proved to be useless. Sometimes finding the leak is ju...

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