repair: It’s not raining – check your gutters! - 07/29/13 02:56 PM
It’s not raining – check your gutters!
Remember that drip you had in the gutter last winter?

You said you were going to get it taken care of when the rains stopped.
It is the dead of summer in Sacramento, the temperatures are high, no sign of rain.
Maybe now is a good time to repair that gutter problem you had last winter.

repair: Stucco Wall Repair Can Be Reduced If Constructed Better - 07/28/13 01:48 PM
Stucco Wall Repair Can Be Reduced If Constructed Better
In Sacramento, many of the apartment communities have buildings and walls constructed with stucco. While stucco is a product with cement in it, the framing and support needs to be structurally sound from the start. Without a strong base, stucco will crack and create problems in the future.
We can see the lack of proper construction of stucco walls a few years later when the surface has begun to fail. Cracking can even lead to large pieces to falling out. Cracks in the stucco and voids in the surface can … (23 comments)

repair: Even a Storage Shed Need To Have Curb Appeal - 06/24/13 11:15 PM
Even a Storage Shed Need To Have Curb Appeal
An apartment community in Sacramento that appears to be run down and lacking maintenance on the outside will have difficulty in renting units. Much like the sale of a home, the curb appeal is important to get the perspective tenant to consider moving into the community. That would include the total property: pool, fencing, sidewalks, even the storage sheds.
While this storage shed was not leaking water, or damaged structurally, it certainly needed an improvement to its face. This is the only side of the shed that is readily … (4 comments)

repair: Gutter Repair needed in Cameron Park - 06/24/13 03:30 PM
Is that Gutter Falling off The Building?
While replacing an entry door in Cameron Park today, the rains started. The rain was predicted to come so it wasn’t really a surprise when it started. However, it seemed to be heavier than they described on the news.
The heavy rains brought a surprise while working on the entry door. Water was cascading over the walkway, not down the downspout. When I looked up to see the source of this water, I noticed that the gutter had a problem.
The problem was that the gutter was coming off the building. I … (29 comments)

repair: I see you replaced the water heater, how about the floor under it? - 06/23/13 03:46 PM
 Sacramento Water Heater Installation
Missed an Important Step
The leaky water heater has been replaced; no more leaking into the downstairs unit. That’s great; the new water heater was installed in Sacramento soon after being called for replacement. The installers came and got that new unit in and were done.
Problem solved right?

What about the water damaged flooring under the unit? That rotted wood is structurally weak; I’m surprised that the weight of the water heater hasn’t crashed through the floor already. Why didn’t the floor get repaired while the water heater was … (16 comments)

repair: Caution - Deck is missing! - 06/23/13 02:24 PM
Sometimes you have to be extra cautious with tenants. 

Some of the repairs and improvements that we do at apartment communities in the Sacramento region require us to notify the residents in advance. The advance notice is to allow the tenant time to adjust their schedule to allow the work to be done.
Many times the work is right outside the front door. Even after giving a written notice, phone call, knocking on the door at the time of repair; we still put up caution tape in case the resident didn’t get the message.

View … (6 comments)

repair: What's with the arrows on the floor? - 06/14/13 04:03 PM

I was asked to take a look at an electrical problem in an apartment unit today. Just as I walked in I noticed there was an electrical cord running from the living room to the dining area. The cord was used to provide power to the section of outlets that were not working. I asked about these arrows, apparently the problem has gone unaddressed for so long that the tenant didn’t want guests to trip over the cord.
She can now remove the extension cord and arrows….
The power has been restored.

repair: I had no idea that construction was so ugly. - 06/13/13 10:40 AM
Things can get a bit ugly when it comes to improving your property. Sure the end result is a beautiful product, but are you ready for the transition period? If you haven’t experienced a home improvement project, the views may shock you at first. It’s not all that pretty when you start to pull things apart.
When we see these projects on television, we usually see the cleaned up version of the demolition. Bare walls, scrapped flooring, and dust free air seams to just magically appear during a commercials break. The truth is that the demolition may take several days … (23 comments)

repair: You do have a water damage problem and it can be fixed - 06/10/13 04:25 PM

You can never quite fully explain the potential damage that may be found under water damaged siding. You can make notes in the estimate that the damages may extend beyond what can be seen. An experienced contractor can describe what might be discovered once things get opened up. You can even tell the client that you are pretty sure that the damage will be extensive, but they always sound surprised to see what things look like when the walls are opened up.
If you are talking to a contractor that is pretty sure that the damages are likely … (13 comments)

repair: Flowers Around The Dry Rot in Rocklin, CA - 05/22/13 04:21 PM
I got a request from a client to look around their Rocklin, CA home for the extent of dry rot to the siding and trim. There certainly were some areas on the sun side of the home, but overall, not too bad. While crawling through the shrubbery I happened upon these delicate blooms and had to get a shot.

If all goes well, I may be doing dry rot repairs at this Rocklin, CA home.

View Larger Map … (4 comments)

repair: Water Damage to Kitchen Cabinets Can Be Repaired in Sacramento - 05/08/13 05:19 AM
Water Damage to Kitchen Cabinets Can Be
Repaired in Sacramento
We are called to look at repairing Kitchen Cabinets in Sacramento on a regular basis. As a contactor for water damage repair, we have cleaned up damaged cabinets for many homeowners, and apartment managers throughout the region. Though this is not our only 

focus, the nature of our work often times includeskitchen cabinet repair.
If for example there is a plumbing leak under the sink, this may progress into the drywall, flooring, and even the adjoining rooms. Once the water damage is cleaned up, and the source of … (14 comments)

repair: I Can Fix Your Plumbing Problem, But It Won’t Look Like This! - 04/16/13 05:16 PM
I Can Fix Your Plumbing Problem, But It Won’t Look Like This!
Having a problem with your plumbing? As a general contractor I get the opportunity to help solve many plumbing related problems in the Sacramento Region. Water can do tremendous damage in many ways.
A plumbing leak can cause instant damage.

A water supply line that bursts can pour 100’s of gallons of water in a matter of minutes. Imagine what could happen if no one were around to see the problem. Even with the loss covered under an insurance policy, the time and effort … (13 comments)

repair: Sacramento Shower Fixture Cartridge, Check Stop Valve Can Be Repaired - 04/06/13 07:00 PM
 Sacramento Shower Fixture Cartridge,
Check Stop Valves Can Be Repaired. 

The check stop valve is designed to help work on the plumbing fixture without having to turn off the water to the building. If you need to work on the shower cartridge, the check stop valve can stop to water right at the shower fixture. You just need to turn the two sides off, and then work on removing the cartridge. The alternative would be to shut off the water to the building, drain the water lines, and then get to work. The check stop can … (8 comments)

repair: Can a Sagging Bar Top Counter Be Saved? - 03/12/13 02:53 AM
Can a Sagging Bar Top Counter Be Saved?
We often see counters that are in need of repair or replacement in Sacramento apartments. Many of these units have a bar top that can be a feature that is very functional for the tenant. Bar top counters are often used for eating, social gathering, and sometimes much needed counter space. Since this slim counter is so important in many apartment units, keeping it structurally sound is key.
Why is My Bar Top Counter Sagging?
The placement of a bar top counter is not always designed with the structural integrity in … (3 comments)

repair: How much does it cost to repair water damage in my Folsom, CA home? - 02/16/13 04:17 PM
How Much is it Going to Cost to Repair the
Water Damage in my Folsom, CA Home?

As a Dry Rot and Water Damage Repair Contractor in Folsom, CA, I hear this all the time. I wish I had a quick answer but I don’t. The repairs required for one home will be different in the next. Since water damages can vary, some things have to be taken into consideration before a cost estimate can be given. These are the major factors that will determine the cost of the repair of water damage.
The area of damage.
This makes sense; a small leak … (20 comments)

repair: Even A Contractor Can Use a Clothing Iron At Work. - 02/12/13 03:04 PM
Even A Contractor Can Use a Cloth Iron At Work.

Laminate counter repair in apartments can be a little tricky sometimes, but if you can get the right material and tools, you may be able to save a bunch of money. The cost to replace a counter can be expensive so a repair may be the best option. Of course that assumes the rest of the counter is worth saving.
I picked up a $10 travel iron that is perfect for removing the laminate from a counter top. It heated up quickly and is small enough to … (8 comments)

repair: Did You Patch That Drywall Yourself? - 02/01/13 05:25 PM
Did You Patch That Drywall Yourself?


A bad drywall patch will be seen for a very long time,
a good patch will disappear forever.
I walked into an apartment unit to look at a balcony deck that needed to be repaired; I couldn’t help but notice that the ceiling had been patched. I’m not sure who did the work, but it was done long ago after a roof leak. It was the first thing that I noticed when I opened the front door, and that’s not good. I just think that a drywall repair … (25 comments)

repair: Dumpster Enclosure Doors Repaired in Sacramento - 01/29/13 07:12 PM
Dumpster Enclosure Doors Repaired in Sacramento
We have all seen those dumpster doors that are in need of repair. In the Sacramento area, we have done our share of dumpster enclosure door repairs. These doors come in so many different styles and materials; each property has its own style. Maintaining the dumpster doors can be an ongoing task.

There are many factors in the destruction of the dumpster enclosure doors that owners and management need to consider when choosing a door style and material.
Reasons for Dumpster Enclosure Doors Damage
The weight of the dumpster … (6 comments)

repair: Is it too much to ask that the caulking looks good too? - 01/09/13 06:05 PM
Is it too much to ask that the caulking looks good too?
I’m all for a good water tight seal; keeping the water outside the building is the most important thing to maintaining a dry, mold-free structure. The proper type of caulking can be very effective in shielding the moisture that can harm the building. But there is a bit more that can be done; properly applied the caulking can look good too.
I’ve mentioned caulking in this example, but it can apply to many different kinds of repair materials. Stucco, cement, patching compound, and epoxies are a few … (32 comments)

repair: How am I supposed to reach way up there? - 11/15/12 11:17 AM
How am I supposed to reach way up there?

The wood is rotted but it is too high to reach. You are in a situation where you know that the board needs to be replaced; you may even be willing to do it yourself. Ignoring it will not make things better, in fact it will get worse. And it’s not only the board that you see but those behind this one and below it.
So what can I do to get to the rotted wood? Here are a few suggestions.
Rent a long extension ladder for a day … (16 comments)

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