repairs: So You're Not A Slumlord - 12/18/15 10:06 PM
So You're Not A Slumlord
Quick repairs on rental property in Sacramento happen for us on a regular basis. Usually it is in the form of repair that the on-site maintenance staff is not qualified to do or they do not have the time to quickly make a repair. So we get a call.
Getting to the job site to see the problem fast is important, it shows to we can get on this right away. We like to get the estimate back to them and put the ball back in their court. If they want this done, all they need … (9 comments)

repairs: Retaining Wall Posts Are Rotted - 10/12/15 10:22 PM
Retaining Wall Posts Are Rotted
We are working on replacing a long section of retaining walls in Cameron Park made of wood. The wood posts, though pressure treated to preserve, are rotten in the center of the post. It appears that the tops and bottoms of the pressure treated lumber was not protected. Most manufactures recommend adding chemical protection to the cut surfaces to prevent this from happening.

repairs: Who builds a deck without posts? - 06/15/14 03:23 PM
Who builds a deck without posts?
I need to prepare an estimate to rebuild a second story deck in Roseville tonight. The deck has quite a bit of dry rot and is not worth salvaging any of the wood from the existing deck. I did notice something strange about this deck.
It is my guess that this deck was not done with a building permit issued. There were a few things that made me believe that to be true, but one thing really stood out – It has no posts.
Who builds a second story deck with … (26 comments)

repairs: Interesting and dangerous electrical repair in an apartment - Photo - 04/15/14 12:17 AM

I came across something very interesting and extremely dangerous in an apartment yesterday. Are you kidding me?
I have never seen such an attempt to repair a light switch, and I would not recommend doing such a repair as this one. Electricity is not something to be taken lightly, hire a qualified professional to make any improvements or repairs.

repairs: Energy and money lost in the attic, resident pays but didn't know it! - 03/04/14 02:53 PM
I opened the attic access and there was a warm air coming down.
With the cost of energy increasing during the winter months, it’s important to have a ventilation system that is functioning at its best. Any ducts that are blocked or separated can be a real cost to the owners or tenants. That’s what I came across today.
When I climbed the ladder and opened the access cover there was a warm flow of air coming right at me. This was strange considering it was winter and the unit had the heater on; I would have … (24 comments)

repairs: Going against the flow under a home - 02/23/14 12:59 PM
It is always fun to get under a home and check things out. Maybe it’s because many do not bother to look under a home that things go unquestioned. I recently came across this puzzler while looking at a different issue.
The arrow shows the flow of the main drain line, but the rest is a mystery.
The white PVC pipe is not usually found glue to the black ABS pipe; it went down through the plywood and is not known where it goes. The fitting that it is attached to is odd also. The way it is … (5 comments)

repairs: Why In The World Are You Bringing The Buyers Here Now? - 01/17/14 10:49 PM
Why In The World Are You Bringing The Buyers Here Now?
There is a lot that goes on during the preparation of bringing a home to sale. I’m no agent but I have seen all the work that goes into getting the details done. The signing of the agreement, the photos taken, the research, prepping the home to show well, and the things that make for a smooth and quick sale can all be for not if the communication is not clear.
My experience with the homes that are listed or pending is one of repair. I get called … (54 comments)

repairs: Water Stains in a Sacramento Ceiling – Who Do You Call First? - 10/01/13 05:57 PM
Water Stains in a Sacramento Ceiling –
Who Do You Call First?
One day you walk into a room and notice that there is a water stain in the ceiling. It may be large or small, wet or dry, or first or second story but it one day just appeared. Who do you call first to fix the problem.
There are a couple of things to consider when faced with a water stain in your ceiling.
It is important that you contact someone with experience in this sort of water damage repair. Finding a qualified general contractor … (22 comments)

repairs: The south side of the building gets the worst weather. - 08/25/13 06:04 PM
The south side of the building gets the worst weather.

Here in Sacramento, we find that the greatest amount of weather damage is found on the south side of the building. This side of the building gets the most sun which damages the material on that side. Because of the sun beating on this side, it is more likely to get water damage, dry rot, peeling paint and all sorts of things that will require regular maintenance.
Each of the 6 doors and frames in the photo are in need of replacement. The water damage and dry rot … (8 comments)

repairs: FAQ - While you are here, can you also take a look at something else? - 08/20/13 06:12 PM
FAQ - While you are here, can you also take a look at something else?
You call a contractor and the repair work begins, you feel comfortable with him, and you’d like some additional work done. It makes sense, he’s there anyway and probably more than happy to help out.
This question comes up a lot!
Why didn’t you request this earlier? It is my guess that if the contractor is new to the client, they may not yet be sure that they will want them around any longer than they have already committed to. If the contractor is … (16 comments)

repairs: Sometimes The Best Time To Get Rid Of Water Damage Is Right Now. - 08/14/13 02:54 PM
Sometimes The Best Time To Get Rid Of Water Damage Is Right Now.
Water damage can happen in inconvenient places in your home. Dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters are common areas to find water damage and mold caused from water leaks. Getting the leak to stop is the biggest concern. You must repair the cause of the problem before repairing the damaged material.
So as you are having the appliance repaired or replaced, fix the water damage while it is open. The wet and moldy materials will not go away, get it out. You would be surprised … (11 comments)

repairs: Give The Contractor A Break, He Is Busy Too! - 08/01/13 09:53 PM
Give The Contractor A Break, He Is Busy Too!
There has been a flood of activity the last week in Sacramento. I don’t know if other contractor have experienced it or not but things are really overwhelming. The bulk of the calls that I have gotten are from the internet and I assume much of it has to do with blogging about construction, dry rot, and repair.
I realize that once a property owner has made a commitment to do something, they want to get things rolling right away. The caller wants me to come see the problem … (5 comments)

repairs: Are You Pleased With The Appearance Of The Dry Rot Repairs? Why Not? - 05/25/13 01:14 AM
Can’t we just cut the ends of the rotted wood
and replace that part?
I have learned a lot of things from reading termite reports and seeing the work that they do. I am not licensed to spray chemicals or issue reports as a termite inspector but I have done more than my share of dry rot repair in Sacramento, California. I realize the importance of identifying, removing and repairing wood that is rotted and damaged by water and pests. Much of it is common sense, some I learned through experience.
Termite Inspections in California have come to … (7 comments)

repairs: Do you want a fix or a complete repair? - 01/06/13 03:48 PM
Do you want a fix or a complete repair?
Do you know what you are getting when you call for a repair? You call a plumber to come fix a drainage problem, it’s an emergency and it must be repaired right away. The plumber comes out and cuts a hole in the wall to get to the problem. It may be a bit complicated and takes several hours to complete the repair, but the drain is put back together and is working like new. The plumber’s job is complete, he’s heading for home. But there’s a problem.
The plumber … (17 comments)

repairs: Do We Have Permission to Enter? - 12/18/12 10:38 PM
Do we have permission to enter?
This is probably the most important question that a contractor will ask of an apartment manager. Without proper notice, repairs inside an apartment unit cannot happen. The apartment manager plays an important part in assuring that things go smoothly by gaining permission to enter the unit.

Why is permission to enter a unit necessary?
Yes, tenants have rights. You can’t just unlock the door to an apartment unannounced. This is true even if the tenant has requested a repair. Generally, the tenant is entitled to a minimum of a 24 hour notice … (9 comments)

repairs: There are shortcuts to every job - 09/01/12 01:22 AM
There are shortcuts to every job
When it comes to home repairs, there are many shortcuts that can be taken by the home owner or contractor. Most of the shortcuts can save a few dollars and a little bit of time. We have to ask ourselves, “Is the shortcut worth it?”
By trimming the bottoms of these two trim boards, the owners saved about $5 in material costs.

What do you think of the results? Even with a good coat of paint the repairs would stick out as a bad repair choice.

Sometimes the shortcut just … (10 comments)

repairs: Things can get rotten, even for Paris. - 06/20/12 03:03 PM
I got a call from a woman named Paris, she was interested in getting an estimate for some dry rot repairs. She knew that she had a problem but wanted to get a better idea of the repairs that needed to be done. I thought I could help her out.

She seemed to be a nice woman, who listened to my recommendations of what she should do. I told her that it wasn’t an emergency but it was something that needed to be done by a professional with experience in dry rot repairs.
She looked familiar, but … (16 comments)

repairs: Are you going to ignore those winter leaks until it rains again? - 04/18/12 05:19 PM

Maybe it’s just human nature, but it’s easy to just let put off the repair of leaks from the winter rains until later. The leaking window, the water stains in the ceiling and the clogged downspout all seem unimportant now that the rains have subsided. It would be a good idea if these issues be corrected now.
Do it yourself or hire a professional, but do something. Some of the leaks may not be doing any additional harm to your property; waiting for the rains to begin the cycle again seems a little silly. Clogged gutters and downspouts, for example, … (11 comments)

repairs: Getting Quotes for Dry Rot Repairs in Vintage Homes May Take Some Time - 04/17/12 04:07 PM
Getting Quotes for Dry Rot Repairs in Vintage Homes May Take Some Time
I would love the opportunity to give you an estimate on your home, most homes use standard building materials. Depending on your project, the turnaround time should be quick. But there are some exceptions.
In the downtown Sacramento area, some of those homes are 100+ years old. Many of these vintage homes have been maintained and in great shape. If you ever get a chance to drive through town, they are unique in many ways.
When it comes to the repair of these older homes, we … (6 comments)

repairs: The Budgets Are Done The Floodgates Are About to Open - Sacramento Apartment Trend - 01/10/12 09:15 PM
The Budgets Are Done The Floodgates Are About to Open.
I have looked at countless jobs, and given estimates for apartment community improvements over the last several months, knowing that the numbers were going to be used for budget purposes only. Many of those budgets have now been finalized. The calls to contractors have begun in many of the communities that I’ve visited. I’m sure that most apartment communities operate the same way.
The calls have already started to get competing bids for many property improvements. Now the bids are real, contractors are hustling to come up with winning … (4 comments)

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