repairs: Sacramento Market Trend – November Property Improvement and Repairs - 11/20/11 04:39 PM
Sacramento Market Trend – November Property Improvement and Repairs
There have been two very distinct trends in the construction trades these last few weeks in the Sacramento region. The trends may be similar in other areas as well.
The two major trends are: Winterizing and Year-end Repairs.
Winterizing RepairsAfter a couple of brief rain storms, people were awakened to how unprepared they were for the winter season. Here in Sacramento, California we get complacent because of the fair weather that we have here. This complacency often times will lead to being caught off guard when change occurs. That is exact … (7 comments)

repairs: Elevator Speech and Video - 10/27/11 02:04 AM
My name is Tom Arstingstall, I’m a licensed General Contractor.
When you think of a general contractor you probably think of custom homes and additions; we don’t do that. We remove damaged materials and rebuild it better than new.
We specialize in Dry Rot and Water Damage repairs and prevention.
That includes all sorts of repairs; bathrooms, kitchens, siding, decks, water heaters and anything that water and rot has created a problem. Often times the property owners choose to make improvements to their property with a kitchen or bath remodel, dual pane windows, or Trex decking.
We get … (24 comments)

repairs: Repair Siding And Paint Before The Rainy Season In Sacramento, Ca - 09/25/11 02:26 AM
Repair Siding And Paint Before The Rainy Season In Sacramento, Ca
As the Sacramento summer weather comes to an end, there is a push for contractors to complete the siding repairs so that the exterior painting can begin. Of course, the painters would like to get their work done before the rainy season begins.

Dry rot and water damage has created the need for siding repairs in many homes and apartment communities in the Sacramento Valley. While exterior painting on a regular basis is an important part of a good maintenance program, painting over rotted and … (9 comments)

repairs: Fogging Dual Pane Windows Can Be A Quick Fix - 08/30/11 02:27 AM
Fogging Dual Pane Windows Can Be A Quick Fix, you may not even need a contractor.
We have all seen dual pane windows that have gotten foggy over time. It starts out as a slight discoloration that doesn't clean up after washing the windows. The problem is not on the outside, but on the inside of the window. That's right, between the two panes of glass.
It is caused by a failure in the seal that protects the gas injected between the two panes. The failure is usually in the rubber around the perimeter of the glass, the extreme weather can … (10 comments)

repairs: The Things You Don't See When Your Window Leaks - 08/25/11 08:06 PM

You may have experienced this in your own home. The rainy season starts and you notice a few drops of water on the window sill, you probably just wipe it up and forget about it. Perhaps it only happens when the winds are strong, no big deal. Or maybe it is.
There are several ways for a window to leak water.
The window was not completely closed. Water is filling up in the track at the bottom The gutter above gets clogged and a large amount of water pours onto the window below. Water getting behind the trim board … (6 comments)

repairs: Good answer, but show your work Tom! - 03/05/11 08:11 AM
When I was in school I really liked math. Unlike philosophy, or literature where you had interpretations of the readings, math had one answer. There was not a debate about whether or not 7+6= 13, only the explaining of how we got the answer. I received assignments back regularly with red ink stating "show your work". I thought , "Why?". It either is or it isn't correct. In showing my work, I could learn from errors made and the teacher would be assured that the correct answer was derived from my own thinking. This would allow me the apply this in … (5 comments)

repairs: The Glamorous And Sexy Drain Pipe - 02/20/11 10:51 AM
As a General Contractor, I am called to look at all sorts of repairs and improvements to properties. Dry Rot and Water Damage Repair is my job of choice, not because it is glamorous and sexy, but rather because its messy and disgusting. High on the list of messy and disgusting repairs usually involves the drainage pipes. If one of these cracks, you have a situation. Anything that you wash, rinse, soak, flush, or dispose down a drain flows through the drain pipes. Obviously, you don’t want this kind of leak for very long. But why do pipes crack?


repairs: Odd things can happen after the tenant moves out! - 02/17/11 05:36 PM
Funny how some things aren't discovered until you move out. I got a call from a property manager last week about a wall that was "soft" and moist to the touch. It was right above the toilet, above the towel bar. The drywall was so soft that it easily push through. It looked like this when I got there.
I had a good idea what the problem was, I had see it many times before. This water damaged area in the bathroom was centered above the toilet. If someone were to hang a picture, or decoration this is where the … (11 comments)

repairs: Water Damaged Siding, Not The End Of The World! - 02/12/11 05:35 PM
Funny how we can put things off when it comes to repairs. "It cost too much", "we'll get to it next year", or "it ain't so bad". I've heard these reasons a bunch of times. The truth of the matter is that the problem doesn't just go away by itself. In fact it usually gets worse with time, often times it is even dangerous.
Probably the best solution is to start a regular maintenance program for building repair. Set aside a budgeted amount to address these sorts of issues. Not all of the repairs will get done, but the … (5 comments)

repairs: The Importance Of "Permission To Enter" By Apartment Managers. - 02/03/11 04:53 PM

Working in an apartment community has many challenges that must be faced when doing repairs within occupied units. It is important that both the contractor and apartment management work together in an organized fashion. Planning ahead and giving proper notice to enter is top of this list.
There are some situations that do not require permission-to-enter (PTE). I've heard the term "Fire, flood, or blood" used to describe these situations, others use the term "emergency". I'm not sure what needs to be in the lease, or any of the legal stuff involved. A good management staff handles that for … (2 comments)

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