sacramento: I See The Water Damage Around Your Window - 04/15/16 11:11 PM

All the water damage around your apartment window is not coming from that gutter or downspout. Sure, looking at the downspout right outside the window can lead us to believe that the moisture is coming from here. I assure you, this is not it!
The gutter are flooding and creating a water fall just outside the window every measurable rain but this isn't it either. That water cascades over the top and falls to the ground. It may be causing a problem below but not this window. This drywall damage around the window is coming from some other source.
So where is the … (5 comments)

sacramento: It only floods when it rains! - 01/20/16 10:57 PM
It only floods when it rains!
The last rains were very welcome in our dry state, lake levels have started to move up a bit. There is also the deferred maintenance that become evident after such rainfalls: gutters overflowing, leaking windows, and poor drainage are a few.
This drainage problem was brought to my attention recently, they told me it only happens when it rains. That makes sense to me but let's find the problem and fix it so that people can use the walkways when the rains come. Surely there is a drain grate somewhere nearby.

sacramento: “The Other Contractor Guaranteed That I Had Dry Rot!” - 01/10/16 10:29 PM
“The Other Contractor Guaranteed
That I Had Dry Rot!”
A lot of things can be said when a dry rot contractor comes out to give a free estimate. The property owner is relying on the experience of the contractor and should expect to get quality answers to the questions that are asked. But how do you know if the answers are correct?
Sometimes just having some common sense will lead the owner to question the answers given. Does the response make sense? There is nothing wrong with follow up questions to get a better description or explanation of the problem at … (6 comments)

sacramento: It Looks Like You Have Had Termites - 01/10/16 12:04 AM
It Looks Like You Have Had Termites
The signs of termites were clear. The droppings, tunneled wood studs were classic indications of a termite infestation. The good news?... They were not active at this time. It is not clear why the activity stopped but it did. So what do you do now?
Contact a contractor with experience in termite damage repair in Sacramento.

sacramento: Stacked Stone Failure in Sacramento - 01/06/16 10:14 PM
Stacked Stone Failure in Sacramento
It can happen for a number of reasons, Stacked Stones can fail.
It may be the mortar mix. Perhaps being bumped causes the problem. Sometimes it is constant vibration of the column. There is good news though, stacked stones can be repaired in Sacramento.
Let us know if you need this sort of repair work done in the Sacramento Region.

sacramento: So You're Not A Slumlord - 12/18/15 10:06 PM
So You're Not A Slumlord
Quick repairs on rental property in Sacramento happen for us on a regular basis. Usually it is in the form of repair that the on-site maintenance staff is not qualified to do or they do not have the time to quickly make a repair. So we get a call.
Getting to the job site to see the problem fast is important, it shows to we can get on this right away. We like to get the estimate back to them and put the ball back in their court. If they want this done, all they need … (9 comments)

sacramento: Water Leak Will Damage Base Cabinets in Sacramento - 12/06/15 11:27 PM
Water Leak Will Damage
Base Cabinets in Sacramento
Even a small leak in the drain or water supply line can damage the cabinets in your Sacramento kitchen and bathrooms. The materials used in the building of cabinetry will not tolerate water for long. The materials will usually swell and become disfigured, this will soften the product structurally and will likely sag.
Is there a solution?
It can be repaired but it is time consuming and not always “as good as new”. Of course prevention is always best. Regularly checking areas of potential water leaks is always a good habit, catching problems … (2 comments)

sacramento: Mysterious soft spot in the kitchen - 12/04/15 11:50 PM
Mysterious soft spot in the kitchen
The new tenants were pleased with there new home but had a question regarding a spot in the kitchen floor. The area had a lot of “give” to it and it didn't feel normal. I was called to look at the problem and help out.
There was no signs of moisture in the material and nothing in the unit below that helped answer the question. Since the problem needed to be addressed, I suggested opening the floor to look. My first observation was that there were four layers of vinyl over the sub-flooring. This is … (15 comments)

sacramento: The good news is we found where the leak is coming from... - 11/12/15 09:54 PM
The good news is we found where the
leak is coming from...
the bad news is that is coming from
under all this!
It took some determination but we found there is a leak under all this equipment up on the roof of a three story building in Sacramento. Water is leaking into the building every time it rains and has become a growing problem. The owners are now faced with disabling the boiler and heater to get to the rotted and leaking areas underneath.

sacramento: Who Needs That Electrical Box In The Ceiling? - 11/05/15 09:30 PM
Who Needs That Electrical Box
In The Ceiling?
While we may not always understand why some things are required when building a home, we can't just change things without doing them right. The homeowners asked me to replace their track lighting in the living room and I was happy to do so. I assumed that things would have been wired correctly up to the light. I was wrong.
There were two light fixtures that had been filled with expanding foam instead of an electrical box that is required. Since the fixture mounded to the ceiling along the track, the missing electrical … (11 comments)

sacramento: I See That You Replaced The Closet Shelf Yourself! - 11/04/15 09:54 PM
I See That You
Replaced The Closet Shelf Yourself!
There are times when it is very clear that a job was done by someone less than professional. They may have been hired to do the work but it was not done in a professional manner.
I came across this closet shelf in an apartment, it was completed by a paid worker. Maybe he didn't realize that these boards come in a longer size. Know what you are getting before you pay to have the work done.

sacramento: New Laminate Counters In Cameron Park Apartment - 10/21/15 11:08 PM
New Laminate Counters In
Cameron Park Apartment
Installing new laminate counters in Sacramento and El Dorado County is not a new service for Tromler Construction, we install these counters in apartments and homes regularly. When working with an apartment community, at some point management may decide to change styles of materials being used. This change can have an impact on the look of the unit.
This week, one of the apartment communities that I work with made a minor change in the color and texture of their kitchen counters. They switched from an plain almond laminate to a darker granite-like laminate. … (7 comments)

sacramento: Can You Get Matching Siding in Sacramento? - 10/08/15 12:03 AM
Can You Get Matching
Siding in Sacramento?
One of the concerns with doing any home repair or improvement in Sacramento is finding matching building materials. A bad match will only make the new work look out of place. So it is not uncommon for a contractor to be asked if matching materials are available to match the existing surfaces.
I was asked to look at a repair done just months ago be another contractor, the client did not like the choice of siding used. I do not blame them, it looked awful! Granted the repairs were done 20 feet high on … (7 comments)

sacramento: Exterior Door Is Warped - 08/08/15 12:09 AM
Exterior Door Is Warped
A lot can be said about the value of hiring an experienced local contractor in Sacramento. Being able to trust that the right thing is being done and the repair or replacement of that exterior door is being done right means a lot to a homeowner. Choosing someone lesser qualified may lead to problems down the road.
Looking at this photo from above, we can see several problems with this door repair that was made a few months ago. The door became warped rather quickly and from a normal view the problem was not clear. We can see from … (15 comments)

sacramento: Structural Dry Rot Needs Additional Attention - 08/06/15 11:35 PM
Structural Dry Rot Needs Additional Attention
Contractors repairing dry rot in Sacramento get to see a variety of wood damage. While no wood rot damage is good, some areas do require a bit more attention than others. One of these areas is the structural framing of the building.
Surface fungus damage, fence post rot, and decay to outbuildings all require attention but when damage is found to the framing of the home we need some outside expertise. I like to have a set of structural engineered drawings for direction on the repairs. This can go a long way in protecting both me and … (19 comments)

sacramento: Hairline Crack Found In ABS Drain Pipe - 08/05/15 11:37 PM
Hairline Crack Found In ABS Drain Pipe
Those hairline cracks in the plastic drain lines can be tough to see at times. They tend to only leak while the water is running and quit after a short period of time. However, over time, the damage can be pretty extensive and costly. So it is important to correct the leak when found.
ABS drain pipes have been known to produce these thin cracks after a few years, often this is due to stress on the pipe. During installation the pipes get forced into connection, though glued, that stress remains in the drain pipe. We … (10 comments)

sacramento: It Was A Seasonal Water Leak - 08/05/15 04:18 PM
It Was A Seasonal Water Leak
We get to see a large variety of water related damages in the Sacramento area, the damages can come from many sources. Recently, I was asked to look into a leak found in the closet. There was no know water sources there.
That's not entirely true, there was a condensate line from the air conditioning unit in the unit. The leak only happened when the air condition was running for a while, so it only showed itself during the hot months. Since it was in the closet it may have been happening for a while.
After repairing the … (15 comments)

sacramento: Is That Three Year Old Estimate Still Good? - 07/27/15 11:17 PM
Is That Three Year Old Estimate Still Good?
Funny how some of the estimates that the contractor can churn out can sit on a counter or drawer for years like it is some sort of locked in price to be played whenever ready. Forget that a lot of time and energy may have gone into the production of that estimate and the request was urgent at the time. Many may even believe that the bottom line is still good, is it?
So, how long is that estimate good for?
I know I put a 30 day limit on all my estimates, there are too … (10 comments)

sacramento: Looking At A List Of Rot Projects - 07/26/15 02:52 PM
Looking At A List Of Rot Projects
I am in the middle of bidding on a large dry rot project in Sacramento. The list is pretty extensive, several pages of spreadsheet, and needs to be put together this week. I expect to be bidding against a handful of vendors from the vendors list, I think we have all done some work on the property in the past.
This project will have it's own challenges, I look forward to seeing how the bidding goes.

sacramento: "The Concrete Steps Are Falling Off” - 07/25/15 12:54 AM
"The Concrete Steps Are Falling Off”
Are those concrete steps becoming loose and in need of repair? In Sacramento, contractors are faced with the rotting of wood which is leading to the concrete steps failing to remain strong. Can this be repaired? Sure, but it may not be an easy task.
There are countless ways to build stairways in Sacramento, how it is done can have an effect on the potential for damage later on. The fastening, the weight, the materials and all that can prove itself over time. It may prove to be good choices and last long into the future, or … (13 comments)

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