water: Water and Power Do Not Mix - 10/15/14 04:47 PM
Water and Power Do Not Mix
One of the most basic understandings is that water and power do not mix. Have you ever seen the warning label on a hair dryer? It suggests that you not submerse it in water. Why do they not mix?
Well for starters, water conducts electricity. Electricity will flow through the water similar to a wire. If a live wire is in water, the water has an electrical charge. If the water is in a metal pipe, the pipe is also flowing with power. That is just a simple explanation to give you … (12 comments)

water: Strange bugs in the water in El Dorado County - 11/14/13 03:50 PM
Strange bugs in the water in El Dorado County
While walking through the garage today, I notice that there was a bowl of water near the corner of the garage. As I look over I noticed that there was something in the water bowl. As I got to the bowl I could see that there was a odd looking bugs that I have not seen before.
Anybody ever see something like this bug?

water: Great to see some water in Sedona, AZ - 06/05/13 05:58 PM

 Today was a long day of hiking for my wife and I, what a great opportunity to see some great sites. Though the Sedona, AZ is dry and on the hot side, today we hiked along a creek for part of the day. The creek provides water for some full size tree growth, shade, and cooler temperatures. It was a blessing to hear the roaring water flow after getting off the big rocks.
On Thursday, we will be heading for that big hole in the ground up north - the Grand Canyon. There we will see the … (6 comments)

water: Leak Repair - If it leaks when it rains, look at it when it is raining - 12/05/12 03:25 AM
Leak Repair -If it leaks when it rains, let’s look at it when it is raining
It’s rainy season and here in Sacramento, that’s when the phone calls start coming for leak repairs. The need for leak repair in Sacramento kind of goes dormant during the sunshiny weather that we have in the Sacramento Valley. Once the rains start, that’s when the leaking starts.
The water leaks can be the result of many different things:

Roof Leak
Bad window seals
Poor Flashing
Cracks and holes in the stucco
Rotted wood siding
Clogged down spouts
Improper ground … (5 comments)

water: I have a water leak, but I don’t know where it’s coming from. - 08/26/12 01:20 PM
I have a water leak! 
But I don’t know where it’s coming from.

It is important to get any moisture problems taken care of as soon as possible. If it is an active water leak, the source of the problem has to be corrected. A good contractor can do that for you, you don’t need to find the water source yourself.
Too often the homeowner or property manager tries to find an answer, delaying the repair until the answer is found. Contractors with experience in water damage repairs know what to look for, how to prevent … (6 comments)

water: Solidified Water? Does this really work? - 06/27/12 03:45 PM
Ask anyone who has ever had to remove a toilet, keeping the water from spilling out the bottom is extremely difficult. If the toilet tilts while lifting, water will pour out and onto the floor. This can be a problem in a bathroom remodel. I like to get a hefty bag worked under the bowl and raise the fixture carefully over into the tub where the water can be emptied.

While in the hardware store today, I saw this product that solidifies the water so that it doesn’t spill. This may require some more investigation before I … (12 comments)

water: My inexpensive bathroom renovation in Sacramento was destroyed! - 06/14/12 08:43 PM
My inexpensive bathroom renovation in Sacramento was destroyed!
I posted about an inexpensive renovation of a bathroom in Sacramento in December. Updating your current bathroom does not have to cost a lot, and it can be done quickly too. Having these improvements done to your home doesn’t guarantee that it will last forever.

Here is an example.
After completing the inexpensive bathroom, the homeowner has had nothing but good things to say about it. He is telling his friends and neighbors and I may be getting new jobs from the referrals. He called me recently to tell me … (20 comments)

water: I've repaired it already, why is this water damage recurring? - 06/05/12 10:21 AM
I've repaired it already, why is this water damage recurring?
If the same water damage recurs, then the water damage problem was never corrected properly. Sure, the damage may have been removed and new material put in its place, but the problem still exists. So don’t have the same repair done again.
It is important that the contractor or handyman that you hire understands why this sort of thing happens. Where is the water getting in? Is the flashing installed correctly? Are the windows leaking? These and many more questions need to be asked by the repair person if … (10 comments)

water: Cool Time at Henningsen Lotus Park, the Water is Cool, and Swift - 05/15/12 04:19 PM

I had the opportunity to stop by the river while driving home today. The American River is much higher than normal, but on the shores of Henningsen Lotus Park the waters are relatively calm. Experts do still warn that the waters are cold and very swift, so if you do venture into the water – Be Careful!

The Henningsen Lotus Park is located in Lotus, CA on Lotus Road near Highway 49. There is a small entry fee per vehicle ($5 for a car) but there is plenty of space inside the park. Check out this … (2 comments)

water: Cold and Swift Current in Coloma - 05/03/12 12:18 PM

As the weather has gotten warmer the snow pack is melting and the water flowing down the hill has picked up noticeably. This and the recent rains have made for rapid, cold water traveling down the American River and into Folsom Lake.
This photo was taken from a walking path in the town of Coloma near Highway 49.

water: There is a proper way to install windows, and this is not it. - 04/27/12 11:15 PM
There is a proper way to install windows, and this is not it.

I was asked to check a leak that was occurring over a window, when it rained water dripped from the window casing to the window sill. The leak was causing damage to the drywall, trim and wood casing and needed attention. So I had to remove the damaged material and test to see where the leak was coming from.
When I removed the damage on the interior and testing the exterior with water, the water quickly came inside. The next step was to remove the top … (12 comments)

water: Puddles Aren't Always On The Ground - Somebody Needs Be Looking! - 04/26/12 11:17 PM
Flat roofs need to be inspected.
If you have a building with a flat roof, someone needs to be checking for puddles. A flat roof can be a maintenance nightmare at times. Unlike a normal roof that is pitched, the design is difficult for water to run out and into the downspouts. Add leaves, twigs, and debris, and you will have some special roofing issues.
Look for signs of poor roof drainage.
Many apartment communities are faced with this very situation. Some complexes have 15-25 buildings in which you cannot see the roof from the ground. Many do not … (10 comments)

water: Is your wood deck beginning to rot? - 04/26/12 05:18 PM
Is your wood deck beginning to rot?
If you have a wood deck, there are some common areas where you can detect early signs of wood rot. One of those places is the end of the deck board. Usually this can be as simple as looking at the boards.
Here is an example.
If you need help in determining the integrity of your deck, give us a call.
We find dry rot and water damage in the Sacramento area
 El Dorado County, Placer County, and Sacramento County.

water: Are you going to ignore those winter leaks until it rains again? - 04/18/12 05:19 PM

Maybe it’s just human nature, but it’s easy to just let put off the repair of leaks from the winter rains until later. The leaking window, the water stains in the ceiling and the clogged downspout all seem unimportant now that the rains have subsided. It would be a good idea if these issues be corrected now.
Do it yourself or hire a professional, but do something. Some of the leaks may not be doing any additional harm to your property; waiting for the rains to begin the cycle again seems a little silly. Clogged gutters and downspouts, for example, … (11 comments)

water: Is your property protected by the contractor? - 04/12/12 03:55 AM
Is your property protected by the contractor?
Water leaks can happen at the worst times, a contractor needs to be able to get into an apartment unit or home quickly to repair that the water has created. It may be a roofing leak, or a flooded apartment, or a plumbing leak that has cause moisture to get into personal property.
It is important that the source of the moisture is fixed. This may be the repair of broken pipes, re-shingling an area of the roof, or replacing a faulty toilet. Wherever the water is coming from, it has to … (8 comments)

water: Catch the little signs before things get worse. - 04/04/12 08:44 AM

Catch the little signs before things get worse.
Don’t wait for the big, expensive water damage to happen when the little signs of water intrusion have started. Water damage can come in many forms, a broken water supply line, frozen pipes, or even a leaking dishwasher. But the water problems that can be the most troublesome are the leaks that happen slowly and gradually get worse.
The slow leaks can often times create mold and rot because is has been moist for a very long period of time. These are the moisture areas that are important to find. It … (42 comments)

water: Yes, that water is supposed to drip like that. - 04/02/12 08:46 AM
Yes, that water is supposed to drip like that.
I’ve been doing a few apartment community exterior dry rot lists that need to be done before painting this spring. I came across some common issues that can help in reducing your water related damages. This post has to do with your air conditioner condensate lines, I know it is not warm enough for the A/C yet, but it is the perfect time to get the repairs done.
You need to check a few things to prevent water damage to your property.
First, any office, apartment or home with … (12 comments)

water: Water Leaves Clues of a Problem - 03/29/12 03:01 AM
Water Leaves Clues of a Problem
In addition to the regular General Contractor calls that I get, this time of year the rains can cause new problems for homeowners. Nobody realizes there is a leak until there is a leak. This makes sense, but are there clues that there may be a problem before it gets to bad?
Sometimes we can get a pretty go idea that there is a water intrusion problem before it gets too damaging. I looked at a few buildings today that were stucco exterior, I could see that there was going to be a … (12 comments)

water: When the weather starts to warm up, all sorts of things start to grow. - 03/26/12 08:23 AM

When the weather starts to warm up, all sorts of things start to grow.

Here in Sacramento, we have had a low rainfall total this year. The rains that we did get will be enough to get things growing when the weather starts to warm up. This is a good time to check the exterior of the property for signs of fungus growth.

After the rains have saturated the wood, we can begin to see signs of fungus “sprouting out” rather quickly. From a distance it may appear to be a piece of dirt or an … (10 comments)

water: I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it better. - 03/19/12 05:48 PM
I had one of those days where the client was faced with some bad news for the homeowner. The dry rot damage is extensive, and the repairs are going to be expensive. I’m a contractor, isn’t this good news? No, it’s not really.
The damages are hidden behind the stucco exterior, with no visible signs of staining inside to home. It started when dry rot was found to the sheathing behind the stucco in the crawl space. Things escalated after that. The windows seem to be leaking on that side of the home, and running inside the wall.
The … (18 comments)

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