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So after some extensive research it turns out that only two (as far as I have found to date) builders in the Atlanta area require you to surrender your licesne (Please note I am not speaking of putting it on hold with holding company this is actual surrender). Why? I asked myself would a New Home...
How sad.....I thought when I appealed for help that I would get it....but no, alas! I am alone in the world of Realtors that ask for advice because I don't seem to be able to get my business to a level it needs to be. Hum....I always thought that we Realtors regardless of our brokerage house were...
I succumbed to the fears and applied for a job with a new home builder, one who is actually still in business that is! I’ve been sitting at a new subdivision near Paulding County now for two weeks but knew within one day there was a problem and not being the most tactful person in the world I tol...
I spoke with a former colleague today.  She has been in the real estate business for more than thirty years and today, instead of cold calling, she was applying to J.C. Penny to work in their shoe department and to Kohl's to work in any department.  She is desperate for cash, no deals for the pas...

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