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In 1943, Abraham Maslow proposed the theory of "The Hierarchy of Needs."  For those of you who did not take Psych 101, here is a basic run down.  His model is often depicted as a pyramid.  Each level of the pyramid needs to be whole to move to the next level and fully appreciate that level.Level ...
 "We Can Lower Your Monthly Payment" by putting you in a mortgage with a rate as low as 1.25%.  "We will help you save hundreds of dollars a month." How many of you get a letter in the mail saying something simillar to this?  I get at least 2-3 a day, and sometimes as much as 6-7.  Personally, I ...
How many us ever stop to really read the fine print?Here is one that I bet most of us never read: It is at the bottom of every page on the website.  Have you ever noticed it? Well, go ahead and scroll down... I'll wait.Wow!!! I bet you never noticed the part: "These real estate pro...
I just received this press release from the OCC regarding Interest Only mortgagea and Payment Option ARM mortgages.  I figured that I would share it with you all for your own information...  Joint Release   For more information visit of Governors of the Federal Reserve Sy...
Most realtors dedicate their time to the residential market and are unaware of the commercial side.  As a result of focusing on the residential side, they have picked up enough of the residential mortgage programs to help their clients with making sure that their best interest is looked out for.B...
With the overall real estate cool down (granted some areas are starting to pick back up), I am sure that a majority of you have suffered a thinning of the wallet.Well, my partners and I have been discussing a couple of ways to help with put money back in our pockets.  Here is one that we thought ...
So, here I am, a member to AR for about one week.  I have seen it all in this short amount of time.  People talking about their vacations.  People posting listings.  People giving advice.  People communicating...I have seen people write negative  and positive things about other people.  Some say ...
I saw that Maureen and Dmitry posted a couple entries talking about the luxury homes in their market, and gave some details on the highest priced one.  I figured that I would share one in the South Florida market.  Just in case some one wants to retire with a view of the ocean.It is amazing what ...
Ok... yes, I went there.  But not the way you would think.In the beginning... I began my carreer as a mortgage broker in Palm Beach County, Florida.  I worked for a company where it was run by men.  The president, the vice president, and 99% of the managers were men.  I was trained how to be a bu...
This is a two part entry...First, why is that some entries get read and others never read at all?  I have posted several entries talking about loan programs, who they are good for, when to use them, who to trust, etc.  I am sure these are also over exhausted topics.  I am somewhat knew to AR and ...

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