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GO!   No Wait.  Writer's block.  From an All Day long Chatty Cathy to.... Umm, Well, Errr. Eagerly awaiting the "fuel" to shoot off like a rocket, but finding it to be a slow, more time consuming ordeal. How can this be? At the end of a Typical Day, 5 blogs minimum, should flow effortlessly; And...
Parents generally are overprotective when it comes to their Children.  Especially when we Know in our heart of hearts that something just isn't right with their prospective mates.  In this Mother's case, her suspicions have been confirmed for ALL to see.  The upcoming Holiday Season is sure to be...
Time To Move    Now that you're Selling your Home, don't forget about Your attic.  It's hard to believe how many Families forget or elect to leave their Personal items in the Attic.  Attics are generally HOT and cramped, making the desire to Organize and Clear it out an unwelcomed and gruelling e...
Hello, Happy Seller. You finally have a contract offer in your hand.  Before you take a closer look at it, you know you're on your way to Selling your beautiful, price-perfect Home in Richardson. This is it, right? Maybe.  After discovering the offer's nearly 20% less than Market price, you start...

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