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Real Estate Marketing for a Fast Sale You've made the big decision to sell your home.  All the hard work to get your house ready has been done.  Now it's up to your Realtor® to make this sale happen. So what is your Realtor®'s plan for marketing your home?  The time to find out how your Realtor® ...
Real Estate Commissions in Omaha: Everything You Need to Know Every year a handful of homeowners decide to sell their homes "by owner" in order to avoid real estate commissions. Usually their decision is based on the misguided notion that selling a home is easy and paying real estate commissions ...
Home Inspections: What Every Buyer Should Know You've found the perfect home and settled on a sales price.  The first thing you'll want to do is to make sure your dream home is as structurally sound as it cosmetically appears.  To do this you'll need to find a reputable home inspector to look ove...
Home Inspections: What Every Seller Should Know Having a buyer make an acceptable offer on a home usually brings a big sigh of relief to most home sellers.  The seller is usually relieved that showings are over and feel like there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  However, having a contract on...