omaha news: Ground Breaking for New Stadium in Sarpy County - 08/16/09 01:04 AM
Ground breaking for the new Omaha Royals stadium in Sarpy County last Wednesday was reminiscent of the Field of Dreams, except it was the real thing. There was a large crowd of enthusiastic baseball fans surrounded by  cornfields.  As the crowd awaited the ceremony, they were treated to the usual ballgame fare of hotdogs, peanuts, and cold drinks.
While Sarpy County is one of the fastest growing counties in Nebraska, it still retains the feel of small town and this stadium will only add to that cohesive, friendly atmosphere.  
The Omaha Royals team was warmly welcomed and the crowd was happy … (2 comments)

omaha news: Omaha Bike Sales Up - 08/10/09 06:56 AM
During a recession it is great news to hear of a business that is not only staying afloat but doing much better than many other businesses.  Specialty bike stores are doing well in the Omaha area as well as throughout the country.  In 2008 sales reached $6 billion and have not appeared to have eased off this year.   According to local shops, they are selling more bikes in the $400 to $500 price range rather than the higher price bikes which sell better when the economy is good.
With high gas prices, the need for inexpensive family entertainment, and the focus … (0 comments)

omaha news: Nebraska's Unemployment Rate Among Lowest - 05/24/09 06:29 AM
While the National unemployment rate rose in April from 8.5 percent to 8.9 percent, Nebraska's unemployment rate dropped from 4.7 percent to 4.4 percent,  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the only state with a rate lower than that of Nebraska was North Dakota which had a 4 percent unemployment rate.
This is just one more reason to move to Nebraska.
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omaha news: Flag Etiquette - 05/23/09 05:30 AM
The Community Connection of the World-Herald for today (May 23, 2009) has etiquette tips about displaying the American flag.  The tips are worth remembering as we celebrate Memorial Day and the flag is prominently displayed throughout the city and country. 
The flag should be displayed from sunrise to sunset unless illuminated after sunset.  It should not be flown during rain, sleet, or storms.  The flag should never touch the ground and never bow to any person.  Also, it is respectful to burn old flags, as respectfully accomplished by the American Legion or Boy Scout troops. To display the flag upside down … (1 comments)

omaha news: Revised Storm Warnings - 05/20/09 08:44 AM
Television watchers who dislike having frequent program interruptions will be happy to know that the National Weather Service has changed the criteria for interruptions.  Now, thunderstorms worthy of interruption must be capable of producing hail that is an inch in diameter and have winds of at least 58 mph.  These revised conditions would be considered dangerous for life and property. 
With fewer warnings, the public will know that the interruptions should be taken more seriously.
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE
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omaha news: Lifelong Learning Initiative at UNO - 04/28/09 10:28 AM
For those 50 and older they can attend school without having to take exams, or worry about grades and credit. Colleges and universities are adding numerous classes for those 50 and over.  The University of Nebraska at Omaha is following suit. In fact, to register for the Lifelong Learning Initiative an individual must be fifty. The program recognizes that people crave learning at all ages and want to stay sharp as they get older.  Since the inception of the program this year, approximately 50 people have enrolled in the Lifelong Learning Initiative and it is hoped that enrollment will reach 300 … (0 comments)

omaha news: Nebraska is the Happiest State of Mind - 04/10/09 04:10 AM
Apparently money does bring happiness - or the lack of worries about money brings happiness.  Nebraska is listed as the happiest place to live in the U.S.  This is according to Mainstreet.coms index of happiness which considers unemployment, mortgage debt, and the financial health of the state.  Basically, Nebraskans simply live within their means.  According to financial experts, others would do well to follow the example set by Nebraskans who do not live to the extremes and are simply happy with what they have. 
And if a person can't live in Nebraska, they will still be quite happy if they live … (1 comments)

omaha news: New Addition to Henry Dorley Zoo's Desert Dome - 04/09/09 02:43 AM
The Henry Dorley just keeps getting better.   Last Thursday there were huge, prickly additions to the Desert Dome in the form of five1,500 pound cactuses.  Each cactus was 12 to 13 feet.  There were planted on the top level of the dome. It took a good hour to plant each cactus.
They were transported from Tucson, Arizona from an area that was being cleared for development.  The move saved the cacti form being destroyed which would have been tragic since they are approximately 75 to 85 years old.
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE
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omaha news: Warren Buffett Gives Girls Music Lesson - 04/09/09 02:39 AM
Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, seems comfortable in any situation.  Inspite of the fact that he is one of the richest men in the world, he can field questions for hours on end at the annual Berkshire Hathaway stockholder's meeting or is completely at ease giving music instructions to a group of girls at Girls Inc.  He recently met with 13 girls and gave them new ukuleles.  He then taught them how to play.  He strummed along with them and told them to practice, advising them he would return.
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE
Omaha NE … (0 comments)

omaha news: Medical Call Center coming to Downtown Omaha - 04/07/09 02:59 AM
Omaha will soon become the call center for a medical interpreter firm.  Pacific Interpreters of Portland, Oregon will have a data and call center in Central Park Plaza at 15th and Farnam Street.  Omaha was chosen over Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, Denver, and Raleigh-Durham because it already has an excellent telecommunications system, has an educated work force, and is people-friendly.
When patients who speak limited English or no English seek medical treatment, they need immediate and clear communication with the professional.  The Omaha call center will connect the medical profession with people who will be able to translate about 200 languages. … (0 comments)

omaha news: Omaha Summer Job Program - 04/07/09 02:57 AM
Teens and young adults who have difficulty getting a job may have a better chance to obtain employment this summer due to funds from the federal stimulus money.  There will be $1.6 million available for young people who are from low-income families, who have dropped out of school, are homeless, or have a criminal record, etc.
The jobs will be for non-profit organizations or for public programs.  Many of the jobs could be working at such places as libraries, city parks, or Goodwill Industries.  The program will be 10 weeks for students and 15 weeks for those people not in school … (0 comments)

omaha news: Omaha Job Fair - 04/04/09 09:22 AM
There will be a Job Fair in Omaha on April 8, 2009 at the Holiday Inn on 72nd & Grover.  Based on previous job fairs at the Holiday Inn, attendance will be great.  An added element is that representatives from Kansas will be recruiting.  Currently there are 22,000 jobs available in Kansas.  The types of jobs available cover the gamut of possible positions from clerical to construction to administration.  Salaries will range from $8 an hour to $75,000 a year.   This is ideal for individuals able to relocate.
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE
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omaha news: Apartment Complex Fire Caused by Grill - 04/03/09 02:32 AM
Police believe that a fire Monday at an apartment complex that caused an estimated $260,000 worth of damage was caused by a charcoal grill on one of the balconies.  According to Assistant Marshall, Daryl Giles, charcoal grills and most gas grills are not allowed on apartment balconies. If banned from apartments, renters could be fined.
Grill users should be vigilant about where they grill whether home owner or apartment dweller.  Grills should be at least 10 feet from combustible materials. And should be aware of high winds, dry conditions, the presence of small children and pets, and the cleanliness of the … (1 comments)

omaha news: Robotics Championship at Omaha Civic Center - 04/03/09 02:27 AM
The Robotics Championship will be held April 2 through April 4 at the Omaha Civic Center.  More than 100 teams from through out the country will compete.  The Midwest Regional Robotics Tournament was recently held at Mount Michael in Elkhorn to determine the teams that qualified for the Championship this week.  The top qualifiers at Mount Michael were Titan Blue from Papillion South, Rambo from Papillion, and Team 1046C from Omaha Northwest.  
The Create Foundation is an Omaha based non-profit organization that sponsors the championship.  The Foundation fosters the advancement of education in science, technology, engineering, and math.
Troy Trumm, Trumm … (0 comments)

omaha news: Heartland Therapeutic Riding Academy - 03/31/09 03:45 AM
A story printed in our local newspaper, the Omaha World Herald, on March 24th reminds one of the Horse Whisperer.   The Heartland Therapeutic Riding Academy is a place where children and adults with disabilities often learn to shed a fear or handicap that coincides with their condition.  Recently, a 12 -year old boy who has never reached out to touch the family dog, reached out to touch the horse he had ridden at the Academy.
Heartland Equine Therapeutic academy is a nonprofit organization that was started in 1989.  It now has 13 therapy horses, 13 certified instructors, and over 90 students.  … (2 comments)

omaha news: Boy Scouts Food Drive - 03/31/09 03:42 AM
The Boy Scouts of America will be collecting food on Saturday, April 4th.  They are requesting that residents leave non-perishable items in a bag by the front door where it will be visible by 8:00 a.m.  All donated food items will be given to local food pantries.  The drive is the Scouts effort to help fight hunger in our area. 
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE
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omaha news: The Show Must Go On at the Bellevue Little Theater - 03/28/09 01:46 AM
For Gloria Jensen the show must go on irregardless of the obstacles.  After a recent performance of "The All-Night Strut" at the Bellevue Little Theater, she slipped and fell while taking a final bow.  That fall resulted in two broken arms.  Her husband took her to the ER for a temporary set.  She then returned for the Saturday and Sunday performances before having surgery on the radius bones in both arms last Monday.  With casts on both arms, she will continue her singing part in the play for the remaining two weekends.  Bravo!!
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE

omaha news: Slower Economy means Fewer Blood Drives - 03/27/09 02:46 AM
The Red Cross is not having as many blood drives as when the economy is good.  Because of the poor economy, people are choosing to either not have elective surgery or are postponing it.  As a result, Nebraska is one of twelve states in which the Red Cross is delaying or postponing blood drives.  Normally there are about 5,000 blood drives in the Midwest during March and April.  This year about 100 are being rescheduled.  Because blood does not keep indefinitely, the Red Cross does not overstock. 
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE
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Omaha … (0 comments)

omaha news: Omaha Seminar on Energy Star Homes - 03/26/09 02:35 AM
The Omaha Public Power District will sponsor a seminar on Energy Logic which is an accredited Home Energy Rating Provider.  The agenda will be on how to build an Energy Star home.  The morning sessions will focus on Energy Star for New Homes and what features qualify a home for Energy Star.  The afternoon sessions will cover a thermal checklist review with program requirements and end with a roundtable discussion followed by questions and answers.
The seminar will be held Wednesday, April 1, 2009 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Registration and breakfast start at 7:00 a.m. The location is the … (0 comments)

omaha news: Omaha Police Department Offers Training Classes - 03/26/09 02:29 AM
Every few months one of the local police departments offers training programs for residents.  The next training will be given by the Omaha Police Department in April and will give an overview of the police department.  The five weekly sessions beginning April 14, will cover police policy, procedures, crime prevention, 911 communications, investigations, drugs, and other areas of crime prevention.  Basically, the sessions give citizens a look at offices at work behind the scenes. 
Registration is required at 444-3367 and background checks will be completed on all applicants.
Troy Trumm, Trumm Team - 402-943-9494, Omaha NE
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