short sale: Omaha Real Estate Blog Monthly Review - 01/31/09 01:07 AM
Below is a summary of the Omaha Real Estate blog posts for January, 2008.
First are the posts regarding real estate in general.
The Biggest Thing to Hit Omaha Real Estate EVER!
Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale
How to do a Short Sale
Lower Mortgage Rates Do Little to Improve Real Estate Market
Next, for those of you that are planning on buying a home in Omaha. Here are the properties that were put on the market this month with the Trumm Team. If you would like more information on any of these houses, please let me know.
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short sale: How to do a Short Sale - 01/25/09 04:14 AM
Last week I wrote Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale. Now it's time to explain how to do a short sale.
Find an Experienced Realtor® You will need a Realtor®. But not just any Realtor® but one that is experienced in doing short sales. Shorts sales go through an entirely different process than typical sales. They are also more time consuming and much more demanding. For these reasons many agents avoid dealing with short sales.
Gather your Documents Before a lender will accept a short sale you must show that you are unable to catch up on your mortgage payments. To … (1 comments)

short sale: Avoid Foreclosure with a Short Sale - 01/17/09 05:36 AM
The poor economy and falling housing prices have created an environment where many homeowners are facing the real possibility of losing their homes to foreclosure. As the economy has worsened people's savings have dwindled and many have lost their jobs causing them to fall behind on their mortgage payments. Add to that the fact that because home values have dropped, they now owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth.
The Catch-22
This puts them in a catch-22. They don't have the money to catch up on their mortgage payments and they don't have the money to cover the … (0 comments)

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