chautauqua institution: Market Smarts for Home Sellers - 09/15/11 08:15 AM
The surprising Way Home Sellers Unwittingly Sabotage Selling Their Home.
Faulty logic isn't the only thing leading home sellers astray these days. Emotions, too, play a key role in keeping the "For Sale" sign planted firmly in their yard.  And as much as most people would like to think of themselves as purely rational beings, when it comes to selling their home, this simply is not the case. And here's why...
Home ownership is at the heart of the American home is your castle. And it's filled with cherished memories of inestimable worth.
Your home is also a huge … (0 comments)

chautauqua institution: We're Only Human - 09/15/11 06:51 AM
And your certainly not alone in dealing with this...because it not only happens to home sellers in general but is also known to happen to home sellers who are real estate professionals by trade.
A changing market has its stories of agents with nice homes who've spent years making them better-but when selling in a changing market, their emotional attachment outweights everything they know about what works in that marketplace.  And like any other home seller with a huge emotional investment, they overprice.  Consequently, their home sits on the market with little activity because buyers have so many other opportunities

chautauqua institution: Market Smarts for Home Sellers - 08/16/10 04:10 AM
The Biggest Blunder Home Sellers Make that Keeps for "For Sale" Sign in their Yard Way Too Long.
When you're serious about selling your home in a changing market, what's better than getting your asking price?
Consider these important points:
In many foreclosure and short sale ridden markets, the supply of homes for sale today is higher than it's been in many years. History teaches that the supply of homes for sale always increases and the number of people wanting to buy them always decreases when market force decimate American's real income and buying power. No thinking person could possibly believe … (0 comments)

chautauqua institution: Price Conscious Buyers - 07/23/10 04:07 AM
These buyers are very price conscious and with all the uncertainty afoot, they can and do take their own sweet time to shop and compare.  Plus, these price-conscious buyers composing the current market have taken on a special importance. They and they alone determine your home's real market value (defined as the highest price a qualified buyer is willing to pay for your home right now).
But despite the buyer's relative influence on the market, once your're armed with the up to date information in this guide's Market Smarts for home Sellers, YOU can avoid the marketplace pitfalls other-less savvy-sellers succumb … (0 comments)

chautauqua institution: Now for the good news...Things are not as bad as they sound. - 07/13/10 09:12 AM
Houses are still selling, and although prices are soft, most are holding steady with some decline, and some are even gaining in many markets, albeit very slowly. This means your home is probably still worth more than you paid, if you've been in it a sufficient amount of time.
And be careful not to fall into the trap so many sellers fall into: they use the price their homes command in the current market as the sole driving force in their decision whether to sell or not. They forget to look at the big picture. Yes, you may not have as much value … (1 comments)

chautauqua institution: So how does this affect your decision about selling your home? - 06/24/10 09:29 AM
Are Americans ready and able to buy a home?
It's hard to get perspective in this changing market. Many buyers who signed on the dotted line have lost or are losing their homes to foreclosure (and no one is sure what the true trend here will be). Things are different from market to market.  What are buyers thinking? The truth is, mortgage rates continue to hover at historic lows, but for how long?  Due to the free fall the market had gone through, home prices have "adjusted" dramatically, to be sure. There is real value to be had if buyers are … (0 comments)

chautauqua institution: Where have all the buyers gone? When will it be a good time to sell? - 06/17/10 06:50 AM
These are very good questions, and home sellers all across the country are asking themselves these questions.  But like Bob Dylan suggested in his classic song, the true answer feels like it's "blowing in the wind."  Just read the papers, scan the news on your favorite news website, read the blogs or watch the nightly news.  A glimmer of hopeful news is countered with the pall of uncertain news on the labor front. Some say we're in recovery, some aren't so sure. There are plenty of conflicting view points, perspective and proclamations to go around. It's all about change and uncertainty.

chautauqua institution: How to Sell Your Home in a Changing Market - 06/15/10 08:00 AM
Economic times are changing. The real estate marketplace is changing too and so must your home-selling strategy.  It's simple logic, really-but so many sellers just don't "get it."  You don't have to be one of the pack.
Follow my blog and I will update you on:
What to expect in a marketplace where change is the new "constant"
The biggest blunder today's home sellers make that keeps the "For Sale" sign in their yard months too long.
How to avoid the stress and frustration brought by insulting offers from low-balling buyers, long months with strangers trekking through your home and poking … (0 comments)

chautauqua institution: $8,000 first time home buyer credit makes it a perfect time to buy! - 06/15/09 03:58 AM

$8,000 First time home buyer credit
On February 25th, The Internal Revenue Service announced that taxpayers who qualify for the first-time homebuyer credit and purchase a home this year before Dec. 1 have a special option available for claiming the tax credit either on their 2008 tax returns due April 15 or on their 2009 tax returns next year. Qualifying taxpayers who buy a home this year before Dec. 1 can get up to $8,000, or $4,000 for married filing separately.
"For first-time homebuyers this year, this special feature can put money in their pockets right now rather than waiting … (1 comments)

chautauqua institution: Chautauqua Lakefront Properties Are On The Move - 04/28/09 06:53 AM
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