crypto: Real Estate on the Blockchain - 04/11/24 11:32 AM

Yes, Propy is a Crypto Project that is putting real estate transactions on the blockchain. It's up 18.5% today, 659% for the year, or more than the best performing stock in the SP 500 this year.
This is not financial advice, I just want to lay out the prospects for why this may be a good idea, some things I'm concerned about and just generally introduce the topic if you were not aware of it.
I have always considered Title Fees/Insurance to be expensive and thought that there must be a better way to do this.
A Blockchain records all transactions so could be … (0 comments)

crypto: Rise of Crypto-What does it Mean? - 03/11/24 10:21 AM
On CoinMarketCap, it shows the global Crypto Market is up to 2.7 Trillion Dollars with the SEC approving 11 Bitcoin ETFs in early January. For context, the value of the amount of gold ever mined is a about 12 Trillion with about half in the form of jewellery and the other half in bars, coins and government reserves etc. (World Gold Council).
It's a sign that people are noticing that the US is showing no signs of reining in spending and that the currency is getting debased at an accelerating rate. Other options for assets to invest in include the stock market … (2 comments)