interest rate: Interest Rates have Nowhere to Go but Up! - 11/01/10 10:20 AM
This was the heading of an article in the New York Times on April 10th, the average 30 yr fixed rate around that time was 4.875% according to 
It's interesting that interest rates did indeed go down further, the average rate from the same source now is 4.25% with brief forays below 4%.
The Treasury just auctioned off 10B of 5 yr TIPS notes with a negative interest rate.  It is possible that we are looking at a bond bubble, the flight to debt is due to a perceived lack of good investment alternatives although commodities and precious metals … (3 comments)

interest rate: Greece's Misfortune is Your Gain!! - 05/18/10 11:28 AM
With the current turmoil in Greece, worries about the ability of the 16 member Eurozone to support the Euro and fears of a double dip recession, capital is moving toward safe havens.  These have traditionally been the US Dollar, the bond market & gold.  When investors retreat to the bond markets, bond prices go up and interest rates go down.

This has created a perhaps temporary window of opportunity to lock in an extremely favorable interest rate.  Valley National Bank (Tulsa) quoted today an interest rate of 4.75% for a 30 yr fixed FHA loan subject to your credit.
The … (0 comments)