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We help executors and trustees close down and clean out estate properties. What can we do for you? People, especially potential clients, ask me: What exactly do you do? Well, the short answer is: We help executors and trustees deal with closing down and cleaning out an estate property, We also as...
Closing down and preparing an estate for sale in Connecticut. Trees require maintenance too.Where would we be without TREES?....Trees have provided peaceful places where great minds could think the deep thoughts that changed the world. I daresay that if Sir Issac Newton had not had a quiet fruit ...
Estate settlement help in Connecticut. Vegetable gardens are a great green addition to showcase a home for sale. It is once again time to give a backyard crop report from the farms of Turning Point Estate Services. Let me say that we have been fortunate with the wind and the rain this year. There...
Help for executors in Fairfield County CT. Repairing and preparing an estate property for sale. Sumps are something. I have written a bit about the importance of preparing an estate property for market. I have opined about the importance of the landscaping around the home, as well as specialty fe...
Into the great unknown. Estate settlement, estate liquidation and estate clean out in Fairfield County CT.No two estate settlements are alike. But, the overall goal is usually the same, get the financial picture in order, clear out and clean up the estate and repair and prepare it to be sold. Ah ...
Estate clean out in Greenwich, CT, Fairfield County CT. Why on earth would you pay me to do this?The other day a potential client responded to a proposal I had worked up for her. She told me that she could do the project for less than half of what I had proposed. My response to her was: By all me...
Preparing that back country Greenwich, CT., Fairfield County, CT. estate to go on the market. About that deer situation. One of the great joys about living here in the hills of southern New England is the wildlife. Having cast aside the agrarian roots of centuries past, most of the fields around ...
Help repairing and preparing estates for sale in Greenwich CT. and Fairfield County CT. The grounds and landscaping are important. Often, we at Turning Point Estate Services are called into situations where there is a great deal of neglect involved. For what ever the reason, be it financial, lack...
Help moving to assisted living in Greenwich, CT. When is it time to go? I am a volunteer for a fine group called Stay at Home in Wilton, aka SAHW. The group is, as the name implies, dedicated to allowing our town's older citizens, the option of aging in place, remaining in their homes as the grow...
Help repairing and preparing estates for sale in Greenwich CT. 1950's fixtures: All the rage or, all the age? Yesterday I had a meeting with an executor of an estate in Greenwich, CT. Her aunt had recently passed away and she was tasked with closing down and clearing out the estate. Dealing with ...

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