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Say you knew of brokers, agents or another entity who is engaging in unethical behavior. But you know they have far greater resources and connections than you do. Those resources and connections could make your life pretty uglyYou know that this entity is over-pricing property, taking advantage o...
Recently I posted a blog about the frustrations I have with agents who list investment property without the knowledge of the market they should have. Apparently that raised the ire of a few who felt it was condescending. Perhaps it was, thus the source of my frustration. All agents are not create...
The years of 2004-2006 were dreadful for the rental market. I witnessed a continuing decline in both the rental rates and the availability of qualified renters. We literally had section-8 tenants move out and buy a house. While that was great for them the fact that anyone with a pulse could get a...
I just have to rant a bit! I know I may sound condescending but you have no idea the frustration! this falls under do what you do and do it well.Residential agents should stick to selling pretty kitchens to soccer moms and leave the other stuff to professionals who know what they are doing. Don't...

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